ParentMail 1 – End of Year Process for Non SIMS Schools

Please read through these instructions carefully before starting the end of year process.

In order for us to update your ParentMail account for the new academic year, we require the following information from you:

  • Data slips showing parent email addresses and mobile numbers for your new intake. (See Step 1 below).
  • Cover sheet – This cover sheet provides us information about the data you are sending and where the data is being sent from. It must be filled in with the school name and postcode, as well as how many data slips are being sent. (see Step 1 below).
  • A full and updated class list that includes your new intake, in Excel format. (See Step 2 below for an example and instructions).

IMPORTANT: We need ALL of the above information in full and in the required format by the end of business Monday 3rd July 2017. Providing the information by this date enables us to check everything is correct and to contact you if there are any discrepancies before the summer holidays.

If we receive the information late, with elements missing, or in the wrong format we cannot guarantee your account will be ready to use in September 2017.

Step 1: Data Slips and Cover Sheet

First, you will need to collect data from the parents of your new intake. Send out your data forms, along with their accompanying letter (download here) to your new parents, asking them to provide their child’s details, parent email addresses, and mobile numbers and then return to you.

Next, send your data slips and completed cover sheet (download here) to the address below, clearly marked ‘Summer Data’, via recorded delivery or registered post.

Litton House
Saville Road

Please do not send less than 50 data slips for each submission unless this is all you have or is the final batch of slips. You can also send us this data electronically, for details, scroll down to ‘Additional Information’.

  1. If you have not managed to collect information from all parents of your new intake, we recommend that you send the information you do have before the deadline date and send the remaining information at the start of the new academic year.

Step 2: The Class List

Create your electronic class list using an Excel spreadsheet. Using the headings below, enter information for all pupils who will be attending the school at the beginning of the 2017/18 academic year. The list must include your new intake, as well as existing pupils. Pupil information must be entered into Excel as follows:

1st Name Surname Year Class DOB
John Smith Year 5 5A 20/01/2005
Jane Taylor Year 6 6B 15/04/2004
Bill Jones Year 4 4C 13/06/2006
  1. Pupil date of birth must be included on all class lists to enable parents to retrieve and reset their account passwords when necessary.

Save the Excel spreadsheet to your computer using the ‘File/Save As’ option, naming it ‘SchoolNamePostcodeClassList 201718’.

Step 3: Sending the Class List to ParentMail Securely

Getting your class list to us securely is essential to ensure that we can review and process your submissions. (DO NOT SEND US YOUR CLASS LIST BY EMAIL).

To do this:

  • Log into ParentMail.
  • From the ‘Home’ page select the ‘Support/Upload’ tab on the left hand side.
  • In the subject box type ‘Summer Data’ along with your school name and postcode.
  • To attach your Class List click ‘Browse’ and search for the ‘SchoolNamePostcodeClassList 201718’  file on your computer, then click ‘Open’.
  • If you want to send us a message, or let us know about any specific requirements, type this in the message box below.
  • Click ‘Submit’ to send us the file.
  • You will then see a message box confirming that you are sending an attachment, please click ‘OK’.

Your file has now been sent securely.

IMPORTANT: If any of the information above is missing or is not in the required format we will be unable to process your data or complete your summer promotion.

Congratulations, Your Data Submission is Now Complete.

What Happens Next?

  • All submitted data will be checked.
  • You will receive a confirmation email within 10 working days to advise whether your data is correct or incorrect and needs attention. Please do not contact us until you have received this email.

Additional Information

Electronic Data

We can also accept new intake data electronically via the Support/Upload facility as mentioned above (see Step 3) rather than by post. The data spread sheet should be sent in Excel format and needs to include the child’s forename and surname, year, class, and date of birth followed by parent name, email address, and mobile number, as below. For children with multiple contacts the sheet MUST contain one complete line (Child and Parent details) for each contact.

Child’s Fore Name Child’s Surname Year Class DOB Parent First Name Parent Surname Email address Mobile number
John Smith Year 5 5A 20/01/2005 Sarah Smith 07792XXXXXX
John Smith Year 5 5A 20/01/2005 Martin Smith 07661XXXXXX
Jane Taylor Year 6 6B 15/04/2004 Bill Taylor 07787634XXX
Bill Jones Year 4 4C 13/06/2006 Sarah Jones 07785644XXX
Bill Jones Year 4 4C 13/06/2006 Des Jones 07799XXXXXX


All leavers will be left on your ParentMail account for you to remove at a later date.