Using the Meetings and Events service enables you to send electronic invitations in a matter of seconds. Parents can accept or decline online, giving you a clear view of the attendee list—all at the click of a button.

Offering total flexibility, you can easily tailor it to whatever type of event you want to hold.

Watch our video to see how Meetings & Events can help your school.

Enquire about Meetings & Events

Here’s a few things you can do with our Meeting and Events service:

  • Set up events for parents, students or for both using our ‘event building tool’.
  • Send instant invitations to all, groups or individual parents.
  • Allow parents to respond online or via your own school branded mobile App.
  • Receive responses from parents in minutes.

Benefits to you:

  • See exactly who is attending, and who isn’t.
  • Organise meetings or events based on expected numbers of attendees.
  • Save hours of admin.
  • Save hundreds of pounds and avoid waste: only order the refreshments you need.

Use the Meetings and Events service to organise all your student and parent events

For parents:

  • School plays and performances
  • Career’s evenings
  • Trip discussions
  • School assembly’s
  • Awards ceremonies
  • Behaviour review meetings
  • Meet the teacher events

For students:

  • Schools discos
  • Homework meetings
  • Gifted and Talented sessions
  • Group work
  • School fete
  • Meetings with teachers
  • Special project meetings
  • Head boy/girl meetings
  • One to one’s/development sessions

Easier for parents, better response rates

Parents are busy; and replying to school events isn’t always a top priority. Sending an invitation via your School Branded App means they can receive instant notifications on their smartphone – wherever they are. When you make things this easy for parents, you are much more like to get a timely answer, reducing the amount of follow-ups required.


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