Schools can use thousands and even millions of sheets of paper every year, and spend many thousands on paper, printing, photocopying and postage!

Email and text messaging will make huge savings for your school and ensure you deliver information instantly and straight into the hands of your parents. Communication has never been this easy.

Watch our video to see how Messaging can help your school.

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Here’s a few things you can easily do with our Messaging App:

  • Email your school newsletter in seconds
  • Send a text to tell parents an after-school club is cancelled
  • Quickly inform parents about school closures
  • Create templates for messages used regularly
  • Send messages to an individual, a group or all parents
  • View a history of messages sent and received
  • See which parents have opened messages
  • Print copies for any unregistered parents

Getting started with ParentMail is quick and easy

We take pupil and parent contact data straight from your MIS system—so you’re up and running in minutes.

When parents download the free ParentMail APP you can turn every message into an instant notification—adding another level of speed and reassurance to your communications.

Message for FREE

By using your School Branded App you can send your messages directly to parents hands instantly without the expense that texting brings.

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UK's Best Parental Engagement System

The UK’s Best Parental Engagement System

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