What’s Coming?

Often, we receive enhancements requests from schools which are already on our “to do” list – so to help give you an insight as to what our Development Team are working on, below is a list of what we’ll be working on over coming months…

Please note, anything listed within this section is subject to change.


System Update - General

Earlier this year, we asked, “If we could make one improvement to ParentMail, what would it be?” We received some great feedback, many of which made it into our next release, including:

  • Adding more customisation options to emails such as font sizes, colours and more.
  • The ability to export group members as a list (Perfect if you’re going on a trip and need to create a quick register!)
  • The ability to preview email attachments after adding them to an email
  • The ability to save drafts in Emails and SMS – which means if you get interrupted halfway through creating a message you can pick up where you left off!
  • Currently you can schedule SMS messages to go out in advance, but many of you requested that this was also available with emails, so it’s on the list!

System Update - Payments

Our next Payments update will includes lots of enhancements to the application itself, including:

  • We will be improving how the system handles outstanding or overdue payments.
  • We recently added “Compulsory Item” as a payment option when creating an item. Our next update will include enhancements to how this option works.
  • We will be adding more flexibility with Dinner Money payment barcodes.
  • We will be looking to add an SMS button within payments items (currently the only option is email)

And much more!


ParentMail Dashboard Overview

Over the Summer Holidays we took a long, hard look at the ParentMail dashboard to see if we were giving you the information we felt you needed – and we decided it needed a makeover!

We’ll keep the big reveal hidden until it’s ready, but some of the things we’ll be including are…

  • Making your school logo and name more prominent on the screen – it is your account, after all.
  • Giving you the functionality to see the cost savings you’ve made from using ParentMail. In our Customer Satisfaction Survey earlier this year, many of you told us that something like this would be very useful for your SLT in school.
  • We’ve moved the ‘Message of the Day’ to be more prominent on screen and improved the font size/spacing. For us, it’s really important that we’re communicating with you and that important messages aren’t missed!
  • Your enabled applications will now be displayed on the dashboard, and if you decide you want to begin using Online Payments, Online Forms or Parents Evening Manager, all you need to do is press a button and we’ll be in touch to help get you set up!
  • The most important thing with ParentMail is that you’re reaching your parents and we want to make sure we’re giving you all the tools to ensure you are. So, we’ll be adding stats so you can see which parents receive your texts and emails, how many are registered and how many are using the mobile App!

We’re very excited about this update and hope to have it live by October half term!


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