Payment FAQs

You have taken money from my account which doesn’t appear on my recent statements?

ParentMail2 was recently retired from service and a full reconciliation of the system took place over the summer. During this process we uncovered a number of charges that should have been taken in November 2014, but weren’t. We recently sent a global communication out to all affected school but if you did not receive this please contact our Support Team via Live Chat with details of the amounts taken and we will be ale to provide the relevant statements to you.


How do I process a manual payment?

To make a manual payment on behalf of a parent, simply go to manual order option and you will be able to select which user and item you would like to process a payment for. For further instructions on how to do this click here.


How do I process a refund?

You can refund an item in full, or part refund. To do this, click on ‘Order History’ under Online Payments and find the order that you want to refund. Click ‘Actions’ in the top right hand corner and then press refund.


Can I make a deposit non-refundable?

When setting up an item with multiple instalments simply go to the refundable option in the instalment list and select no. This can still be changed once live if necessary.

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Can I make a manual payment for more than one child at a time?

You can make manual payments for more than one child via Payment Items > View Orders screen. This can only be done via a specific payment item at a time. Making a payment via the View Orders screen, will display you as the payee.

Unfortunately, through Manual Orders, you can only put through a transaction for one child at a time.


Can I limit the number of available spaces on a trip?

You can limit the number when setting up a new item by selecting Stock Quantity under Settings (Detailed).



Can I use ParentMail to collect school fees?

Yes you can! You can collect up to and including £5,000 per term, per child. If your fees are higher than this, please contact our PlusPay department directly by emailing


What are payment alerts and how do I action them?

When a parent pays for an item through ParentMail, there are some instances where you may receive a payment alert – this could be for a number of reasons. It could be that the purchase window closed between the time that the parent put the item in to their basket and the time that they checked out. It could also be that the parent has paid for the item but it requires parental consent which was not given at the time of purchase. To acknowledge these payment alerts, you will need to click on Payment Alerts on the left hand menu, click on the payment alert from the list that appears to the right and then select Actions and then either Accept, or Refund.


How do I help a parent whose payment has failed, but the amount has been removed from their account?

If the payments has failed, the money will not be taken from the account. However, your parent may worry that the amount appears to have been taken. The reason for this is that their banking provider will be expecting us to take the amount, so it will have been removed from the parents available balance.  Because we will not request this, in 3 -5 working days (depending on the bank) it will be returned to the parent’s available balance.

If the amount is a large amount of money, we will need to get a request from the parent directly in order to speed up the return of the money by contacting the bank. The parent will need to confirm the following details: Time of payment: Amount: Name on card: Last 4 digits: Card type: and email this information to


I have setup an item incorrectly and I am unable to change the price. What can I do?

You are unable to amend the price of a payment item after the item has gone live. You can archive the item and this will remove it from the shop, so parents will not be able to purchase it at the incorrect price. To do this simply go to Payment Item > select the relevant item and click on Action > Archive.

Next, go to ‘Create New Item’ and select ‘Use Previous Item’. This will pre-populate the item with all the information you had previously, so all you need to do is edit the price and the ‘Select Specific Users’ sections.


How do I subsidise a payment?

Go to ‘Payments’ then ‘ Payment Items’ and select the item you wish to make a subsidy on. Select ‘Actions’ in the top right corner and then select ‘View Orders’.

Select the user by pressing the check box next to the their name, then press ‘Make Payment’ in the bottom right corner.

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You will then be able to ask to select the payment method via a drop down box, simply select ‘Subsidies’, then ‘Next’.

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You will then need to choose the amount to subsidise and the reason why.

Please be aware that you are able to select multiple people at the same time to make a subsidy for and you have control over each person you do the subsidy for.

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If you have selected someone by accident, just put a tick in the ‘Ignore’ box. When you are ready simply press ‘Next’.


Do I have to pay for ‘Registers’ and what can they be used for?

If you have purchased ‘Payments’ then ‘Registers’ is a free package.

With Registers, you can collect a daily charge for users for school lunches. If you would like to know more please contact ParentMail.


Why are my parents being asked to pay more for the item than the amount it is?

In the instance where the item is less than the minimum payment amount you have set, your parents will receive a message asking them to pay the minimum payment amount.

To change your minimum payments, simply go to Payments > Settings to view your minimum payment amount. By default, this is set to £5.00 but if you have an item which is less than this, we recommend you amend this at least while the product is available to buy.


Why is there a minimum for ‘PayCash’ - surely parents can pay what they want by cash?

‘PayCash’ is a term used for a parent generated barcode. The barcode allows them to group multiple items together, generate a barcode and take this to their nearest ‘PayPoint’ vendor. To find out more about generating PayPoint barcodes for parents click here.


We have changed bank account, what do we need to do?

Please contact our PlusPay team directly at, they will be able to assist you with the setup of the new bank account. Once this is done if you would like money from active trips paid into the new account you will need to go into your payment items on PMX and select the green ‘Actions’ option in the top right corner.

Once here, select the ‘Edit’ option under bank account, click on the drop down menu and select the new bank account. From that moment forward any money paid for that item will go to your new account.

You can also deactivate the old bank account on PMX to stop anyone assigning a new payment item to it by accident. To do this go to ‘Payments’ then ‘Settings’ then go to Bank Accounts.

Click on the drop down under ‘Status’ and change it to ‘Disable’.

Please note if you disable the account, money for items with this account already assigned can still make payments to the account.


A parent has had a payment taken twice from their bank account, what can I do?

Please email our PlusPay team at they will require the following information. Data of transaction, Amount, Name on Card and last 4 digits.


What are the daily BACS emails I am receiving? Do I need them?

These emails are your daily BACS reports showing you how much money you have taken for a specific day. You will also find attached a breakdown of the orders each with a unique order number to allow you to reconcile your account quicker.


I have some parents showing in 'payments outstanding' while others for the same item who have not paid are not?

Payments outstanding’ will only show you a list of users who have registered an interest in an item, i.e. have made some form of payment. If they have not made any payment towards the item, they will not appear on the list.


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