Contact Book

What is the Contact Book?

The Contact Book is a tool that you will see in a number of locations across ParentMail when you are selecting recipients for communication, adding users to a group or removing leavers in bulk. 


How do I use the Contact Book?

You can choose to add all contacts, search by user type (gives a complete list of students and staff), or search by group type (gives a list of registration groups, year groups and any groups you have created, such as Clubs).

You can select a whole group or individual users from the group. To do this, simply place a tick in the box next to the group or the individual user that you want to select. You can also remove users from your selection by simply deselecting the tick box next to the group or individual user.

You can also select individual users, user types or groups by searching for them in the top right hand box. Simply type the individual’s first or last name or the name of the user type or group, then tick the box next to their name once they appear.

You can see who you have selected by clicking the ‘Selected’ option on the left hand menu this will also display the number of users you have selected. You can also use this section to deselect users by unticking their names.

adress book 1

Once you are happy with your selection press Confirm.

If you have selected all contacts but want to remove all, simply click Cancel and it will remove the recipients from the list.


How do I select parents from the Contact Book?

To message a parent, you will need to select the student within the contact book and the system will send the message to their parent.

If you have selected all your contacts but want to remove them, simply click ‘Cancel’ and this will remove the recipients from the list.


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