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ParentMail is a web service available to education based organisations (schools, nurseries, clubs etc) that enables communication, payments, parents evening booking, electronic form creation and event management with users (parents/carers etc).

Organisations use the service via secure web browser to manage the service and users can use either a web browser or the free ParentMail app for iOS and Android. The service is provided to users at no charge and the service is funded by the organisation.


The service is available covering the following application areas:

  • Communications – Delivers E-mail, SMS messages containing organisation content to linked user’s email/phone/app.
  • Payments – Enables payment collection and remittance for organisation items using Credit/Debit card, PayPal, PayCash, PayPoint, Cash, Cheque, Voucher, Subsidy.
  • Parents’ Evening Manager – Enables management of parents evening places including online user bookings or telephone bookings taken by the organisation.
  • Forms/Permissions/Surveys – Generation and publication of electronic form based content for users to complete.
  • Meetings and events – Generation and publication of organisation events with user confirmation of attendance where required.


Application name and capabilities

Communications –

  • Authoring and sending of email to selected or whole user community via pupil names/classes/year group or other school defined group
  • Authoring and sending of email to selected or whole staff community
  • Ability to include file attachments to email messages sent to users and staff as required
  • Ability to send SMS to select or all pupils (requires user consent and number recorded in ParentMail)
  • Ability to schedule emails or SMS at a specified time as defined by organisation
  • Store and record sent messages as well as delivery and read notifications where available (Email and SMS)
  • Provide historical standard reports detailing communications sent and to whom
  • Display available SMS balance at all times
  • Provides previously created email templates for regularly used content
  • Ability to send efficiently i.e. one message per family as opposed to one per child
  • Email and SMS shall be sent to the relevant network immediately. However, delivery is dependent upon network availability.*

Payments – 

  • Create and publish payment items for subset or all users to see
  • Facilitate payment collection online via Credit/Debit card, PayPal, PayCash or offline via PayPoint, Cash, Cheque, Subsidy
  • Settle funds directly to organisation, Caterer or Local Authority bank accounts as specified on a weekly/monthly basis as required
  • Enable users to pay using instalments, part payments or whole amount as well as collecting donations and Gift Aid information from users
  • Maintain a history of payments made by pupil and by user
  • Integration with all major cashless catering systems for seamless collection of payment and publishing of pupil balances
  • Operation of lunch register functionality to record attendance and reduce pupil balance accordingly
  • Recognition and recording of Universal Free School Meal and Free School Meal types
  • Delivery of automatic balance reminders by email/app notification when lunch accounts run low
  • Automatic purchase window/item availability times to ensure payments are only made during organisation specified times
  • Stock control quantity management as well as limitations on purchase per pupil

Parent Evenings –

  • Define and publish details of Parent evenings to selected users
  • Enable the online booking of available defined appointments
  • Ensure that no double booking is possible by using real-time booking engine
  • Provide timetable information to attending users and staff members
  • Ability to re-use previously used evenings as templates for future events
  • Ability to manually add appointments for users who request or do not have access to online booking
  • Communication by email and/or SMS to users
  • Ability to modify recorded subject teachers
  • Send booked appointment details to staff and users by email
  • Generate a range of standard reports covering students attending, teachers attending
  • Accept telephone appointment requests from users, if required

Forms/Permissions/Surveys –

  • Define and build interactive forms that are sent to users of selected eligible pupils
  • Define, build and publish interactive electronic forms that enable collection of permission/consent from users of selected/eligible pupils
  • Define, build and publish interactive electronic surveys that enable collection of user preferences/views from users of selected/eligible pupils
  • Automatic system notifications when a new form/survey has been created
  • Automatic system reminders sent to users via email or SMS to complete forms before deadline
  • Collation and reporting of all responses submitted as well as recording of incomplete replies
  • Publication of the generated form/request to selected users in their online web account and the iOS/Android App, when used by a user

Meetings and Events –

  • Create meeting and event invitations that are then published to users of selected pupils
  • Number of places permitted can be defined and user booking can close off once this level has been reached
  • Unlimited availability events can be catered for, i.e. no limit on the number of participants
  • Organisations can specify if the event requires confirmation of attendance ON/Off and is for user only, Pupil only or user AND pupil attendance.

*Note: Some messaging providers charge for all SMS messages sent. As such, you may be charged regardless of delivery status. 


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