Please read carefully the following service description, the 123Comms Ltd general Terms and Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Anti-Spam Policy Policy (which you will find at the bottom of the page) which together form the agreement between you and 123Comms Limited (“the Agreement”).

ParentMail is a message delivery service provided by 123Comms Limited, designed to provide a means of school to recipient/parent communication (“the Service”).

Schools pay an annual subscription and optionally other charges (See Service Order Form) to 123Comms Limited and are responsible for the content of the messages and distribution of messages to their registered recipients. Recipients (mainly Parents) are registered either by themselves directly on the website or more commonly by the school directly on the website or by 123Comms Limited directly on the website on the schools behalf.

Recipients/Parents do not pay any charges to receive email and or text messages from schools, except where they expressly choose to have school email messages automatically converted into ‘text message alerts’. This is a voluntary part of the system which some parents find useful (if they check email infrequently and are worried they might not realise they have been sent an email, or simply value an immediate ‘heads-up’ alert from the system).

  • ParentMail is a service for schools and for parents and guardians (“Users”) who have children at the subscribing Schools.
  • Recipient/Parent registration requires (as a minimum) only a full name, a valid email address/es and optionally mobile telephone details.
  • Requesting inclusion onto a schools message groups requires that recipients, warrant that they are either a parent or have legitimate reasons i.e. a Teacher/Governor for receiving messages from the school.
  • Failure to provide complete or valid information will result in your account being suspended or your account deleted.
  • ParentMail delivers email and SMS text messages from schools to school message groups, year groups for example, for onward sending to recipients.
  • Communication using ParentMail is one way; School to Parents/Recipients, there are no Parent/Recipient to school communication facilities provided by ParentMail.
  • Users WILL NOT receive unsolicited emails from ParentMail or ANY other third parties save for important system messages or the ParentMail newsletter if requested.
  • Users are responsible for providing your own internet access to the website. 123Comms Limited shall not be held liable for any inability on the part of the Users to connect to the website.
  • Sent messages will remain on the school notice board in accordance with instructions received from the school.
  • The choice of Message groups is the responsibility of Schools; ParentMail shall not be liable for any errors made by schools in respect of this.
  • ParentMail or the school may remove any user/parent/s from message groups or from the system entirely if we or they can see no legitimate reason for a parent to be receiving school messages.
  • Recipients understand and agree that it is their responsibility to ensure that their email address and/or mobile telephone number/s is current and correct; failing to do this WILL mean messages do not arrive.


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