Collecting and managing school dinner money is complicated and time-consuming for most schools.

+Pay is an easy-to-use solution, making it simple for parents to top-up dinner money and for schools to manage and track transactions.

For schools of all sizes

+Pay works for schools with and without cashless catering systems. It integrates with all leading cashless catering providers and there’s a built-in register for schools without automated systems.

  • Create a safer environment – children no longer need to carry cash
  • Drives efficiency – reduce workload by removing cash from school
  • Free school branded app – a simple and convenient way for parents to pay
  • Socially inclusive – widest range of payment options; credit/debit cards, PayPoint, PayCash and the only system with ‘friction free’ payments

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Easy for schools: 

  • Flexible price bands
  • Comprehensive meal income reports
  • Payments settled into school or catering accounts
  • Increase school meal uptake and spend without additional administration.

Easy for parents: 

  • Top-up payments on their mobile or computer
  • No more searching for cash or cheque books
  • Alerts remind them when payments are due
  • Parents can have complete peace of mind knowing payments have reached their school.

+Pay, the simplest and most effective online payment system available to schools.

Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Paypoint