September FAQ’s

Why is my ParentMail account still showing last year’s classes/students?

Please click here for complete, step-by-step instructions on how to complete your summer roll up.


(Payments only) You've taken money from my account which doesn’t appear on my recent statements?

ParentMail2 was recently retired from service and a full reconciliation of the system took place over the summer. During this process we uncovered a number of charges that should have been taken in November 2014, but weren’t. We recently sent a global communication out to all affected school but if you did not receive this please call our support line (01733 595962) with details of the amounts taken and we will be able to provide the relevant statements to you.


Why can a parent not top up their child’s cashless catering account?

Please click Payments > Cashless Account Linking. If the child appears on the left hand side of this screen, you will need to manually link them by typing their name in the corresponding box on the right and selecting them when they appear. If they don’t appear on this screen, please initiate a Live Chat session with us for assistance.


Why aren't parents able to top up their dinner balance for our new intake? (Registers)

Your new intake must be added to the dinner register and relevant price band before parents will see the option to top up their dinner balance. Please click here for full instructions.


A payment item that was assigned to last year’s leaver is now available to everybody... why is this?

If a payment item is assigned to one or more specific users and those users are deleted, it is no longer assigned to a set of specific users and as such becomes visible to your whole school. To resolve, assign the item to a member of staff or a ‘dummy’ child. Always remember to do this before you delete your leavers!


Why are some of our parents not receiving communications?

Please find the parent by clicking Users on the left hand menu and then List in the sub menu. Search for the user and then on their profile you will find a tab called Email History. If you can see the email here, then the parent has been targeted. Ask them to check their Junk/Spam folders, and add to their address book within their email account.

If the email does not appear under email history, the parent has not been targeted. View the parent’s profile under Users > List, and ensure that they are connected to their child. Ensure that the child is in the correct groups and only has the ‘Student’ User Type (found by clicking ‘Show’ in the User Types area of their profile). Finally, if the communication has been sent using the ‘Send to Primary Contacts Only’ functionality, ensure that the parent is marked as a primary contact.

Please note: If your parent downloads the ParentMail App on their smartphone – messages will always be delivered here regardless of their email security.


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