September FAQs

How do I remove my leavers?

If you haven’t already removed your leavers, you will need to go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Remove Leavers’, then select the red ‘Remove Leavers’ button. The contact book will then open for you so that you can select the group or individual to remove. Using this tool will allow you to remove the parents that are listed on. You can also remove parents only if you want to keep the leavers only on the system. This will stop the parents from receiving further communication.


Why has my new intake merged into my existing year groups?

To resolve this you will need to add all of your students into one ‘Year Group’ and call it ‘Leavers 2017’. Then re-import your student and parent data from your MIS. When you have imported this, you should then see that your students are back in their correct year groups and you will be left with a year group called ‘Leavers 2017’ with your leavers in it. This can be removed using the steps in question 1 above.


Parents have said they can not locate the top up option for their child's Cashless Catering account?

The most common cause for this would be that the child’s cashless catering account did not get automatically linked to their ParentMail record, usually due to a difference in name or DOB between what is on the till and what is on ParentMail. It’s a quick process to manually link the two together – simply go to ‘Payments’ and then ‘Cashless Account Linking’, locate the name of the child in question on this page and then click into the ‘Link to PMX user’ box next to their name. This allows you to search for the ParentMail account you want to be linked. Once this has been completed the parent will be able to access the top up option.


Parents have said that they cannot locate the top up option for their child's Register account?

In this instance, it is very likely that the student has not been added to the Register. You can add new members to the register by going to: Registers > Registers > Edit Register, then select the green ‘Add members’ button near the top of this page, tick all students that you wish to be included in the register.


A parent cannot register as it says the DOB for their child is incorrect?

The first thing to check here is the DOB that you hold for the child in ParentMail. You can quickly check this by going to Users > List, then search the name of the student in question (when a parent is registering it will always ask them for the DOB of their eldest child). If the parent confirms that the DOB you hold is correct, the next suggestion would be for the parent to attempt the registration link on another device to see if the issue persists. E.g: If attempting on a mobile device, can it be done on a PC and vice versa.


How do the reminders work on payment items?

If you have set up or will be setting a payment item that has ‘Instalments’ please be aware that the reminder email that is sent out on the first instalment reminder date does state the full price of the item to the parent. When the parent logs in to their account to make the payment they will see the instalment amounts you have set and when each one is due.


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