Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017 – Outcomes


Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent customer satisfaction survey, it was an invaluable exercise, helping us to understand what we do well and where we need to improve.

We’re delighted to report, scores have improved across the board compared with last year – but there are still areas we can be better at.

We were particularly pleased with how schools say they value ParentMail, for example…

  • 82% say we save them money
  • 86% say we save them time
  • 88% believe their parents value ParentMail
  • 89% say our service is easy to use
  • 93% told us ParentMail improved school communications
  • 95% would recommend us to another school

Your feedback provided us with lots of useful information which we’re now taking on board to further improve our service. Here’s what you told us…

Customer Support

  • The training is good, but questions often come after using the system. We’ve now implemented follow up calls to new schools to ensure they’re confident using the system, once they’ve had a chance to use it.
  • Webinar training sessions are difficult to follow when there are several people involved, and refresher training for new staff would be helpful. We’ll be offering free 1-to-1 telephone training for schools that join ParentMail and free 1-to-1 telephone training for customers who would like a refresher.
  • The help sites and guided tours are useful but only for basic questions. As well as regularly updating the content and FAQ’s, we’ll also be updating the help site so we can see what you’re searching for – if it’s not there, we’ll add it!

Live Chat

  • You told us that we are now “quicker and easier to reach” and our “timeliness in problem solving” has improved, but during busy periods, you felt we didn’t always respond quickly enough and there are times where queries are too complex to type. We’ve been looking at our resources and made some changes so we can answer queries quicker – as a result, the average wait time during March was 32 seconds, which is the best it has ever been!
  • We also understand there are times when you may need to speak to a member of our Support Team – in this instance please go to Live Chat and request a call back, and we’ll call as soon as we can.

If you’re having trouble loading Live Chat, please email and we’ll be in touch to get this resolved for you. 


  • You would like to be able to download and print a manual. We’re working on it, and hope to have it available for you in the next few weeks!
  • You’d like more support with the summer roll up process.
    For SIMS schools, we’ve built a pre-admissions report, as well as giving you the control to be able to turn the auto SIMS link back on which will make your summer roll up process very simple.
    We’re also working on MIS links with Scholar Pack, Integris and Progresso which we’re hoping will be live in the next few months which again, will make the summer roll up process easier than ever before!
    For those without an automatic MIS link, we’ll be reviewing the summer roll up instructions to ensure they’re as easy as possible, as well as offering support over the summer holidays.

Helping Parents

  • If your parents have problems, you don’t always have enough knowledge to help and would like more resources to help encourage parents. We’re creating a video for you to share with parents at open evenings or to add to your school website to show parents how and why to register! As well as this, we’ll be creating a parent manual (as mentioned above) and will continue to regularly update the parent help site so that parents can self-help as much as possible.

Money Saving

  • 73% of you said that clear savings evidence from using ParentMail would be useful, particularly for your Senior Leadership Team. We’ll be working on this over the next few months so we can give you a financial report to show (in numbers) what ParentMail has saved your school. We’ll also be putting together a list of suggestions to help you get the most from your system and the applications you’re using.

Improvements to functionality

  • We received lots of system enhancement requests to improve our applications which would make your experience even better! The good news is – we’ve already begun this! Over the last year a lot of our releases have including bug fixes and enhancements (details of all can be found on the help site) but all your suggestions have joined the wish list and we’re looking forward to adding them over the next year. Take a look at our latest release including many useful system enhancements here.

That’s not all…!

We got so much feedback from you which will keep us busy for a while – however, in order to put this into a priority order, we’ll be asking you over the next few weeks, if ParentMail could do one thing to make your life easier, what would it be?

This will be appearing as a pop up in your system soon, so keep an eye out for this and make sure you have your say!



Live Chat is becoming our main inbound support channel!


Since we introduced Live Chat early this year it’s proved a huge success with schools, eliminating the need to wait on the phone for a Support representative to become available and giving you the answers you need much quicker than ever before.

Because of this, we’ve decided to invest in and extend our Live Chat facility further and focus our efforts here so that we can provide you with even better, quicker support.

Over the next few months, Live Chat will become the primary way for you to contact us for support as we move more of our Support resources onto this channel. Don’t worry, if we can’t resolve your query over LiveChat, we’ll call you on the telephone.

Here’s a look at some of the great feedback we’ve had from schools recently about live Chat:

“I must say that this live chat system is MUCH better than trying to get through on the phone or waiting for a response from the e-mail system – well done (from someone that has been critical of support in the past)”

“Thank you very much – this is a great service, first time I have used it.”

“Love this live chat BTW – did it with Amazon a while back and I find it really helpful!”

“Thanks for your help. What a great way to contact you.”

“A quick thank you, this is much better than 45 mins on the phone!! :-)”

In today’s busy world, people want instant responses and one thing they don’t want is to be hanging on a phone waiting for the next support person to become available or for a response to an email – and in a frantic school office with hundreds of things going on at once, that’s certainly the case!

You may also be aware, in addition to Live Chat we have also improved other Support material and you can also find answers to many questions on our School and Parent Help sites or Guided Tours.

If Live Chat isn’t loading, please add the following URL to your filter / proxy:



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