How does "Registers" work?

Registers is a cashless method by which you can collect dinner or club fees from parents. If you have set price bands for your dinners or clubs, on a daily or weekly basis you can take your Register in ParentMail for the students that had the dinners / attended the club and this will deduct the relevant price from the parent’s balance.

At the moment we only have a Dinner Money register available for you to use.


How do I set up my Register?

IMPORTANT: Only set up your Register when you are ready to start using it – parents will receive an email notification to top up their balance as soon as the Register is saved following set up. 

  • Click onto Registers on your menu on the left-hand side, then ‘Registers’ again.
  • Click onto the available Register showing as ‘Dinners’
  • Click ‘Edit Register’ to begin set up

Registers 1

  • Enter name and description
  • Add members (all students that could attend the club or have a dinner)
  • Select relevant bank account from drop down
  • Click ‘Save’ after selecting bank account, then click back in ‘Edit Register’ to edit the price bands.

Registers 2

  • A minimum balance reminder can be set and as soon as the parents balance falls below the minimum selected they will receive a reminder – then going forward reminded again at the frequency set from the drop down.

If you do not want minimum balance reminders to be sent, please select ‘never’ from the frequency drop down. Please note, the lowest amount this can be set to is £0, the system will not accept negative amounts.

Registers 3

You can find information about setting up price bands below – How do I setup a new price band?

  • When pressing save this will immediately set up your Register and emails will be sent to the parents to notify them that they are able to now top up their dinners balance.

Why are parents unable to top up their dinner balance for our new intake?

Your new intake must be added to the dinner register and relevant price band before parents will see the option to top up their dinner balance. Please see below how to do this –  ‘I have added a new child to the school but I cannot see them on the register?’


I have added a new child to the school but I cannot see them on the register?

When you add a student to ParentMail as a user it does not automatically add them to your register. If you are taking the register you can use the ‘Add Other’ option at the bottom to add them into your default price band.

If you would prefer to add the child into a different price band, go to ‘Edit Registers’ on your register list.

Registers 18

Select ‘Add Members’ to add the user to the register – this will give them the default price band. To change this, simply press the pencil next to the price band you wish to add them to and select the user. They will now appear on your register with the correct price band.

Registers 2


How do I remind parents to top up if their balance is low?

ParentMail will do this for you automatically! If you go to Registers > Edit Register you can enter a Minimum Balance Reminder and select how often these reminders are sent out.

Registers 3


How do I refund a child’s dinner money?

To refund a child’s dinner balance, go to Registers > Register Activity in the left hand menu.

Registers 4

In Register Activity, use the search toolbar to find the child you would like to refund, then click on the child’s balance on the far right.

Registers 5

You will see a refund option in the top right. Type in the amount you would like to refund then click the green Refund button.

Please note, you will only be able to refund payments made on PMX, any starting balances or adjustments cannot be refunded. If the payment has been made on PayPal and is older than 6 months, transaction will not be refunded. You will need to refund by cash/cheque and use the balance adjustment tool to take off the balance.

Registers 6



How do I record a manual payment on the Register?

Please ensure the user is listed as a member on the Register, in the right price band. Once checked, you will be able to see a top up option within the Users’ shop, via Manual Orders.

Firstly, go to Payments > Manual Orders. After this, you will need to find the User that you are topping up for in the Contact Book, then click ‘Next’. This will show you the Shop items available to purchase. Please find the Registers, top up option. The name will appear as what you have named the Register:

Manual Order - Registers 1

Click onto the basket icon and you will be able to enter the amount to top up, for example, £10. Once the amount is entered, please click Add to Cart > View Cart, to confirm the details.

Manual Order - Registers 2

Finally, click ‘Complete Purchase’ and the amount will be added to the balance.



I have recorded a dinner incorrectly, can I change it?

Yes, if you need to change a register which has already been taken, you are able to go back and edit it.To do this, go to Registers > View/Take Register and select the date in the top left hand corner.

Registers 7

Select the week you want to view and then make any changes needed. Once you are happy with the changes you have made, press ‘Take Register’ in the bottom right corner.

Registers 8


If a family has 2 children at the school, can I transfer money from one child's balance to another?

For your finance reports to be accurate we would advise you refund the money back to the parent, and for the parent to top up their other child’s account.

However, you are able to use the balance adjustment tool within Registers which will allow you to manually remove funds from one child and add them to another. Please note: this will not be tracked digitally, so if you are going to use this tool, we would suggest you keep a record of this internally as it will not be tracked on any of the ParentMail reports.


Can I generate PayPoint barcodes for parents?

If you have PayPoint enabled in your payment settings, you will be able to generate PayPoint barcodes for your parents. To check, go to Payments > Settings and you will be able to see if PayPoint is enabled or not.

To generate your barcodes, go to Registers > Register Activity in the left hand menu. Simply select the users  you wish to generate a barcode for by ticking the check boxes, then select ‘Resend Barcodes’ in the top right hand corner.

Registers 9

This will email the selected users and provide them with a printable barcode which they can take to their PayPoint vendor.


If a child is in the wrong price band, how do I move them to the correct price band?

The most important thing here is not to record a dinner while the child is in the wrong price band. If you record a dinner for the child then update the price band, the child will be charged the wrong amount.

To change the price band, go to Registers, select the Dinner Register then press Edit Registers in the top right hand corner.

Registers 10

Press the pencil next to the price band you would like to move the user into. If you don’t have a price band with the correct amount you can create a new price band by selecting ‘Create Band’.

Registers 11

Select edit members, then use the Contact Book to select the user. Once you are happy, press Confirm, then press Save.

Registers 12

Please note: You cannot untick a member from their price band, you will need to move them by selecting them from within the correct price band or remove them via ‘Add Members’ from the Register Settings.


How do I setup a new price band?

From your left hand menu, go to Registers, select your register, then press Edit Registers in the top right hand corner.

Select ‘Create Band’ at the bottom of the page.

Registers 13

Here you can create the name of your price band, the daily charge and set it as the default price band. Please note, the default price band is the band new users are added to by default if you add them to the register.

Registers 14

If you would like to add people into the price band, simply select Edit Members to open the Contact Book, then select the users and press ‘Continue’ then ‘Save’.

If dinners have been recorded for the day already, the changes will take place tomorrow; if dinners have not been recorded then the changes will be made immediately.

If the member does not show here, this means they have not been added to the Register. You will need to add them to the Register before adding them to a price band. Instructions for how to do this can be found under ‘How do I set up my Register?’


When do price band changes come into effect?

Changes must be made before awarding dinners, if the change is made after a dinner has been awarded then the new price band is in effect the following day.


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