Payments Reports

What Payment Reports are available?

View The Waiting List For The Selected Product
This report will show you how many and which parents are waiting for a specific item that you have allowed a waiting list for.

Chase Overdue Payments
Any payment item with a due date that has now passed will be shown on this report.

Download a list of ticket numbers for a product
Any payment items that you have selected ‘create ticket numbers’ for will be shown on this report with the name of each parent attached to each numbered ticket.

Fulfilment Report
Any payment item that has the ‘requires fulfilment’ option ticked at creation will show on this report. You will be able to see whether the items have been fulfilled (and how) or are still pending.

Gift Aid Report
Items which have the ‘gift aid’ option ticked at creation will all show on this report. This is used to provide the required information for gift aid.

Istek Transaction Report
This report can be used to import payment information directly into the software ‘Private Funds Manager’.

Manual payments for a selected date range
This shows all of the information that you would usually find on the Transaction Report but is limited to manual payments only.

Overdue Payments
Lists all of your overdue payments for items that have a due date set.

Payment Item Summary Report
This report will display all manual and online transactions made against your payment items for the specific date range.

Reconciliation Report
This report provides a full breakdown of all payments made for the selected submission date range.

Register Price Bands
This report allows you to enter a date range to see how many meals were taken per price band.

Registers Balance Report
This report will allow you select a date range and then you will see how many meals a student has taken within the date range selected, it will also show you the students current balance.

Transactions for a selected date range
This report will show you all transactions on your ParentMail account and has information such as type of payment, what it was for and who made the payment.

View purchases for an item
Run this report to see how many purchases there have been for a chosen payment item. If a parent has purchased more than one of this item, they will appear multiple times on this report.


How do I generate a payment report?

Go to Reports on the left hand menu. If you are using Online Payments, you will be able to select Payment Reports. To generate a new report, click on the one you want and then hit Generate Report. Wait for a few seconds and then refresh your browser (F5). You can then download this report as a CSV or PDF file.

Please note, when you generate a new report, any existing reports listed will be deleted and replaced with the new one.


How do I get the transaction report from ParentMail into Pebble?

Please click here for information regarding importing ParentMail transactions into Pebble.


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