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How do I see a list of parents’ evenings?

Under the ‘List’ section of Parents Evening Manager, you will be able to go in and view the Parents Evenings that you have created and generate reports for each one.

At the top of your list of items you will have a ‘Search’ function to search for a specific Parents Evening. Alternatively you will have a drop down arrow just below this where you will be able to filter. Your Filter options are as follows:

Creating – This is when you have set up a Parents Evening and the system is creating the event. This tends to be a quick process but it does depend on how many sessions the system needs to create.
Setup – When the evening is created but the booking start date is pending and is not yet live to parents, your session is fully editable at this stage.
Accepting Bookings – The Parents Evening is now available for parents to start making bookings, your freedom to edit the evening is now limited.
Bookings Closed – No longer accepting booking for the Parents Evening.
Completed – When the Parents Evening has now passed.
Cancelled – If the Parents Evening was cancelled.
Error – There are a couple of reasons why this may happen – see below:
1. There is an error with the data imported, please check your rejection list. Click here for a guide on how to do this.
2. You have ticked ‘subject tutors’ but you are a primary school and therefore don’t have subject tutors. Unfortunately you will need to create a new parents’ evening and not tick this option.

For the purpose of the guide we will show you the ‘Reports’ and ‘Actions’ section for an ‘Accepting Bookings’ Parents Evening.


How do I edit, or cancel a parents’ evening?

Under ‘List’ find the Parents Evening that you would like to view, and select the ‘Actions’button and you will see a screen similar to the screen shot below:

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Edit Evening – You are able to edit an evening once the item has been created, however now this evening is in the ‘Accepting Bookings’ stage, you are very limited to what you can amend because it is at the stage where it is ‘live’ to your parents. Everything that you will be unable to change will be greyed out. What can be amended depends entirely on what stage your event is at.
Cancel Evening – This will enable you to cancel the Parents Evening if necessary. When cancelling, the system will send out a notification to your parents to advise them that the event has been cancelled via SMS or email. You will be able to create the message you would like to send to parents to explain why the evening has been cancelled.
Modify/Make Parent Bookings – If you needed to book out a slot for a specific student because the parent is not registered to ParentMail or may be booking by telephone.
Modify Teacher Availability – You are able to modify a teachers availability for the parents evening. You are able to mark them as ‘Unavailable’ or if you wanted to reserve a specific time for a ‘walk in slot’, this can also be done. See below:

modify teacher bookings

If you leave a slot green then this will be left available for the parents to book. If you select a slot once this will then change to red and be marked as red and ‘unavailable’ so parents will not be able to book it. If you select the slot a second time, this will show as a ‘walk in slot’ and the parents will see this slot as ‘unavailable’. If a slot is marked in blue ‘parent has booked’, this means that a parent has already booked a slot but you can overwrite this if necessary.

From here you can add in a ‘Substitute teacher’ in case the normal teacher can not make the Parents Evening. You can also ‘Mark all unavailable’, this means that the parents will no longer be able to book a slot.

  • Add Subject – You can add another subject to the Parents Evening, by searching for the teacher and entering in the subject name.
  • Resend Reminders – You can use this to resend the reminders of when the evening is taking place.
  • Email appointments to staff – The staff members will be emailed their appointment booking sheet.
  • Email appointments to parents – The parents that have appointments booked in will be emailed reminding them of their appointment time.
  • Bulk modify teacher availability – This will only be available when the status is ‘Setup’ but will allow you to add in breaks for teachers.
  • Substitute Teachers – This allows you to swap a teacher with another staff user on the system, provided they aren’t already assigned to another class. 

How do I view reports for parents’ evening?

Under ‘List’ find the Parents Evening that you would like to view, and select the ‘Reports’ button and you will see a screen similar to below:

PEM Reports


From here you will be able to see a list of reports that you can generate which will give you various pieces of information about the Parents Evening that you can share with the teachers.

When selecting a report, please click the ‘Generate’ button to update the report with the latest information regarding the Parents Evening.

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If you have already downloaded a report, before downloading it again please select the ‘Generate’ button to get the most up to date report.

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Finally, download your report by clicking the green CSV button.


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