Common FAQs for Parents’ Evening Manager

How do I set up a parents’ evening?

To create a new parents’ evening, simply find the Parents Evening tab in the left hand menu, and select ‘Create New Evening’. Now simply follow the steps to create your Parents Evening.

NB: At the top of the ‘Create New Evening’ page you will have a ‘Show Me How’ option, this will take you through how to create a new parents evening on-screen. 

Pem show me how 2

Enter a description – this will be the name of the event, for example ‘Parents Evening’

Click ‘Add Students’ and the Contact Book will appear. You can then choose which students you would like to invite to the parents evening

Next you have a selection of tick boxes you can tick or un-tick.

  • Include Form Tutors– Tick this if you want parents to book appointments to see their child’s registration tutor.
  • Include Subject Tutors– Tick this if you want parents to book appointments for their subject teachers such as English / Maths.
  • Allow phone call requests– parents will have the option to request a call back from the teacher.
  • Allow parent to leave notes on appointments– parent will have the option to leave a note for the teacher when they book.
  • Only one appointment per teacher per student– If you are setting up a parents’ evening where you will need both parents to have a separate appointment make sure that the ‘Only one appointment per teacher per student’ is de-selected. Parents will be able to see any appointments already booked by the other parent.

Next, you can add information about where the evening is being held. For example, if parents will meet the teachers in the teaching classrooms, or if appointments will be held in the school hall etc. You will not be able to save the session you are creating without including this information.

Under the ‘Session’ section you have the following options:

  • Date – Enter the date of the Parents’ Evening
  • Start Time– Enter the start time of the Parents’ Evening
  • End Time– Enter the end time of the Parents’ Evening
  • Appointment Length– How long you require the appointment slots to be. This is a one time slot for all and it is in 5 minute blocks
  • Add Session – If you want to add multiple dates for your Parents’ Evening, simple select Add Session and enter the dates.

NB: If the Parents’ Evening finishes at 7pm the parents will only be able to book appointments up to 6.50pm if the ‘Appointment Length’ is set at 10 mins for example.

The ‘Booking Window’ section will enable you to set a time to when parents are able to book appointments to and from.

  • Booking Start– Enter in the date that parents will be able to start making bookings for the Parents Evening. We strongly advise creating your parents evening with the booking window to open in the future rather than immediately so that you can do spot checks on the teachers and settings before it goes live to parents.
  • Select a Booking End Time– Select from the drop down list when you would like parents to stop making booking for the Parents Evening

If you want to send out a reminder email before the end of the booking window of the first session, select from the drop down list via ‘Reminders’ to choose how many days beforehand you would like this email to be sent.

NB: Please double check all of the information in the set-up of the Parents Evening before you save. Once you have saved the event and the item goes into the ‘Accepting Bookings’ stage you will only be able to amend the name of the Parents Evening and the notes. 



How do we let parents know that we will be using Parents Evening Manager?

We have created a template letter which you can use to let parents know that you’ll be using Parents Evening Manager for your next parents’ evening:

Click to download the template letter

You can also direct parents to their help site, where they will find a section dedicated to Parents Evening Manager which should answer any questions they may have.


How do I change the details of a parents' evening  that I have created?

Once a parents’ evening has been created and it is at the stage of ‘Accepting Bookings’ it is very limited to what you can amend. The only part of the item you can amend is ‘Information about where the evening is being held’. However if the item is still at the ‘Setup’ stage you will be able to edit the item in its entirety.


Why are parents unable to book parents' evening appointments?

Please ensure that the child and parent are in your Users > List and that the parent’s profile says ‘Connected’.

Please note: A parent who has recently registered will only be able to see evenings they have been invited to within a 7 day window.

Next, ensure that the child has been invited to the evening. To do this, within Parents’ Evening on your ParentMail account, click ‘Actions’, select ‘Modify Parent Bookings’ and search for the child. If they do not appear then they have not been invited. This is likely to be because they have not been successfully imported when the parents’ evening import was run. Please ensure a new import is run before setting up further evenings. Please click ‘Actions’, then ‘Modify Teacher Availability’ and block out a slot with the relevant teacher for that parent.


If both parents would like to book a separate parents' evening appointment, how do they do this?

When you ‘Create New Evening’ make sure that you de-select the option ‘Only one appointment per teacher per student’ – this will allow both of the parents to book their own slot for the child.


When setting up a parents' evening, what does 'only one appointment per teacher, per student' mean?

If this option is enabled then the parents for this student will only be able to book one slot. If it is not enabled then both parents will be able to book in a separate slot for the Parents Evening.


How can I see a list of unregistered parents who won't be able to book a parents' evening appointment online?

Login to ParentMail and select ‘Documents To Print’ and you will then have a ‘PEM’ option. Select this, then choose from the list which Parents Evening you would like to view. Select the green ‘PDF’ button and this will download the exception list for you to print if necessary.


I have set up a parents' evening, but it now shows with the status as 'Error - None of the selected students are linked to any subjects.' What does this mean?

There are two reasons why you may receive this error message.

  1. A Parents Evening import hasn’t been completed yet on your ParentMail account. Click here to learn how to do this.
  2. You have ticked ‘subject tutors’ but you are a primary school and therefore don’t have subject tutors. Unfortunately you will need to create a new parents’ evening and not tick this option.

How do I add a SENCO to my Parents' Evening?

Within your ParentMail account, please go to Parents Evening > Create New Evening > select the students that need to see the Senco > enter in all other details you need but for the booking window, please set for the future. Please see example below:


Then go to Actions > Modify Teacher Availability > Choose the Teacher here > click ‘Mark all unavailable’ > Select a Session > Save.

PEM 2After this, go back to Actions > Add Subject  > Select The Teacher > Subject Name:


Click Save.

PEM - Senco


You can then check the Teacher is available by going to Actions > Modify Teacher Availability > Select the SENCO.

PEM - Senco 2



I’ve set up a parents' evening but there are some missing students?

This could be down to the users joining the school after you have done your PEM import. Simply cancel the evening and redo your import. You will then be able to setup an evening for everyone. If the evening is already live a notification will be sent to parents. If the evening is still in the status ‘Setup’ you will be able to add your additional students.


How do I substitute a teacher in my parents' evening?

There is a tool found under Actions named ‘Substitute teacher’, this can be used to swap out one teacher for another, as long as the teacher isn’t already assigned to another class.


I migrated from ParentMail 2 to PMX, will my data duplicate if taken directly from SIMS?

If you have migrated from ParentMail 2, there is a minor risk of duplication if you are taking data directly from SIMS. This is because your student or parent details may not be an exact match across PMX and SIMS. The import will also create new groups within PMX if the group names differ in name between SIMS and PMX. To avoid this, please ensure that your Year and Registration Group names in PMX are an exact match to SIMS before running your import.


If I do a new import will it affect an evening I’ve already created?

No it does not, when doing a new import this will only affect new parents evenings you create.


I have two teachers that job share a class and will both be attending the evening, what do I do?

The system is designed so that only one teacher’s name will display against a class. On the import file you can either enter both of their details in the teacher information fields so they are displaying as one user but with both names (E.g. Mr Sam/Michael, Storey/Davies). Or you can enter just one of the teachers on the import file but note in the description for the evening that both teachers will be attending the same appointments.


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