Parent FAQs – General

To help parents with questions about their account click here.

I cannot help a parent with their query, what should I do?

Parent queries should continue to be directed to the school or to the dedicated parent help site, however, in the instance where the query should require our support, please provide details of the parent, their query and any supporting information via Live Chat and we will help you resolve the query or contact the parent directly.


Why are some of our parents not receiving communications?

Please find the parent by clicking Users on the left hand menu and then List in the sub menu. Search for the user and then on their profile you will find a tab called Email History. If you can see the email here, then the parent has been targeted. Ask them to check their Junk/Spam folders, and add to their address book within their email account.

If the email does not appear under email history, the parent has not been targeted. View the parent’s profile under Users > List, and ensure that they are connected to their child. Ensure that the child is in the correct groups and only has the ‘Student’ User Type (found by clicking ‘Show’ in the User Types area of their profile). Finally, if the communication has been sent using the ‘Send to Primary Contacts Only’ functionality, ensure that the parent is marked as a primary contact.

Please note: If your parent downloads the ParentMail App on their smartphone – messages will always be delivered here regardless of their email security.

You should also check that you have the correct email address entered for the parent within your ParentMail account. If they are showing as Not Connected, you can simply edit the email address and send the parent a registration link to confirm they have received the email. If they show as Connected, please connect to Live Chat so that ParentMail can take a look to see what email address the parent has registered with previously; the parent could have registered with a typo in their email address. ParentMail will then advise you accordingly.

If the email address is correct, the parent should then check their Junk/Spam folders. If their domain does not recognise as an email address that usually sends the parent emails, they will automatically assume it is spam.

If both have been checked and there is still an issue, please connect ParentMail on Live Chat to check if the email address was delivered to the parent or if there is a further issue.


A parent is unable to login, how do I help them?

Please go to and click on ‘Forgotten your password?’

Type in the email address of the parent and you will get one of the following messages.

  • “Good news! An email is on its way to you so you can reset your password”
    If you receive this message – it means that your parent is verified. An email has now been sent asking them to reset their password. This will help to direct them to the right login screen and should grant them access to their account.
  • “The email address specified isn’t in our system”
    If you receive this message it means your parent has not yet verified their account. Please go to Users on the left hand menu and then select List in the sub menu. Search for your user and then click on their record. Click Actions > Edit and then enter their email address before sending an email registration message through the same menu. Inform the parent that they will receive an email asking them to verify their account which they must action.

A parent has logged in but they get the error message ‘You currently have no approved connections...’ what should I do?

This error occurs when a parent tries to register more than once with the same mobile number, but different email addresses. Please contact the parent and check which email address they want to use on their account. Once you have the email address, delete their current account on PMX (click here for instructions how to do this), then, recreate their account with only an email address. It is important that you tell the parent they will receive a new registration link and when they complete the steps to register, the email address must be an exact match to what you have entered on their new account. 


How do I help a parent who has registered with the wrong email address?

If your parent has entered the wrong email address when registering, they can simply log in to their ParentMail account with the wrong email address, and update it within their account.

If they do not know the password they created, the quickest solution is to delete the parent record and then re-add the parent. Please remember to connect them to their children. Once you have done this, they will receive a new registration email and will be able to set up their account under the correct email address.


How to whitelist or add email addresses to your safe sender list?

Please click here to find the domain and then follow the instructions.


What do parents see when they log in to ParentMail?

Web view 

This is what the parent feed looks like. At the top is the message of the day, which ParentMail sets to keep parents informed of website updates or the latest ParentMail news.

Across the top toolbar parents will be able to access “Guided Tours”, the help site, view their notifications or change their personal settings.

Parent feed 2


The parent feed shows the list of available applications the school are using. The example above shows a school that is using all available applications. If the school have sent parents a new message, they will receive a notification on the right hand side. They will also receive an email, or a notification if they are using the App.

The mobile view 



On the App, parents will also be able to see the menu view and will be able to select applications from this menu – depending on whether or not your school has purchased these applications. To change their details or settings, they can simply scroll down in the menu.

For specific help on viewing messages, completing forms or viewing events, for example, you can visit the parent help site which has further information.


Why would a parent only be receiving messages for one of their children?

The default setting on ParentMail sends messages ‘per family’; this means that parents will only receive messages such as newsletters once even if they have multiple children. The oldest sibling’s name will appear on the message.

You can use the ‘View Recipients’ button on the sent message to identify if the second message were not sent due to it being a duplicate.


How does a parent update their email address or mobile number?

Your parent would click on their name on the tool bar across the top of their ParentMail feed, then select ‘Personal Details’. They can then make changes and save them.

Important: If the user changed their email address, they will receive an email to their new email address asking them to approve the change. Once approved, this will now be the email address they will login to ParentMail with.

Note: You will be able to see the updated contact information, using a report. Click on ‘Reports’ then ‘General Reports’ and then ‘Verified User Changes’.


Why is ParentMail sending multiple change requests to my parent?

This is a direct result of two or more parents sharing the same email address in your SIMS database. In ParentMail, each user must have a unique email address if they want their own account. Please check their record in SIMS and ensure that each parent has a unique email address to avoid this.


We’ve recently upgraded to PMX and some of our parents are having trouble logging in…

Please ensure that the parent has visited the correct website: will also need to make sure that their email address/user name has been entered in lower- case. If the parent is informed that their details are incorrect when logging in, they will need to click ‘Forgotten Your Password?’ on the login screen to regain access to their account.


Why can’t I find a parent account on ParentMail?

Click Imports, then Imports again. Find your most recent import (it will appear at the top of the list) and click the green CSV button that appears under the ‘Rejected Records Report’ heading. If the parent appears on this list, they have been rejected. Please check the ‘Reason’ column, and correct this in your MIS System or on your import spreadsheet before reimporting.

If you are a SIMS school and the parent doesn’t appear on the Rejected Records Report, please click here to find the SIMS import instructions and ensure that everything matches the diagram on page 1.

You can use page 4 of this guide to help you re-import your data once you have corrected the rejections.


A parent has asked me to change their email address, what should I do?

If the parent is connected, they can log in to their ParentMail account and make the change themselves. If they insist that you change it for them you can go to ‘Users’ on your left hand menu and then select ‘List’ from the sub menu. Select the user and their account will appear on the right hand side of the screen. Click on ‘Actions’ and then ‘Edit’ to see the information that you can change. Please note that if the user is ‘Connected’ they will receive an email asking them to verify the change once you hit save. If they do not respond to this within 7 days, the change will revert back. If the user is Not Connected the change will take effect immediately and requires no further approval.


How can a parent add their partner to the system?

They will need to contact the school office directly; parents are unable to add additional users. For security reason this is locked down to the school.


Can parents have two email addresses on their account?

A parent can only register one email address with their account. If they have a secondary email address, they will not be able to add it onto their existing account. If needed, you could create a second record for this parent so they can receive emails to both email addresses.


Student has left the school but the unsubscribed parent has not been deleted?

It is important to note that this will usually happen because the student was not removed through the Remove Leavers tool. They were manually deleted and the parent was not removed, leading them to unsubscribe to stop receiving communication.

To remove the parent now you will need to create a dummy child, link them together and then remove them through the ‘Remove Leavers’ tool. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Users > Create > Type: Student > Fill in the first name, surname, date of birth, year and reg. Then click Save.
  2. To link the dummy child to the unsubscribed parent, click on ‘Actions’ and then ‘Add New Relationship’
  3. Click on ‘Select a user’ and select the unsubscribed parent. Then select ‘Parent’ under the relationship box and click ‘Add Relationship’ NOTE: If there are multiple unsubscribed parents you will need to repeat this step to link all unsubscribed parents to this dummy child.
  4. To remove everyone, click on ‘Settings’ then ‘Remove Leavers’ and click on the red ‘Remove Leavers’ button.
  5. The address book will pop up. Search for the dummy child and click ‘Confirm’ The system will ask you to confirm you wish to delete this student and once you have done this, all the unsubscribed parents linked to this student will be deleted.

To ensure this does not happen again, always remove students through the ‘Remove Leavers’ tool. It ensures that the students, alongside their parents, are removed swiftly and with ease.


How do I remove an unsubscribed parent?

When a parent unsubscribes from ParentMail, it means they will no longer able to receive messages from you. If you remove the unsubscribed parent from your ParentMail account, there is a chance that in your next import they could be accidentally re-imported and begin receiving messages from you again. For that reason we strongly advise that you leave your unsubscribed parents on the system to ensure they do not receive any unwanted messages.

When it comes to removing the students as leavers, using the Remove Leavers tool will then remove the unsubscribed parent so that they are removed from the account forever.

To manually remove the parent:
1) Remove existing personal relationships to other children from parent
2) Create test child and link to the parent
3) Go to Settings – Remove Leavers – click on the tool to select the test child – confirm to delete the student and the parent linked.


Parent has tried to register but receives the error ‘DOB invalid’?

Please ask the parent to confirm if the DOB that you hold in ParentMail matches to the DOB they are entering. If not, please update in ParentMail and your MIS and ask them to try registering again.

If the DOB is correct, please ask them to try registering on a different device to that they have already used. For example, if they have used their mobile device to register, suggest for them to use a computer instead or a different mobile device.

If the above does not work, please go to Users > List > find the student > change the DOB to a different date > Save > go back into editing the DOB and change back to the original date > Save > send another registration.

If this does not work, please delete the student record and re-add the student as a new user. You will need to link the student to the parent and resend a registration link to the parent.


A parent is trying to register but receives the error ‘Email address already in use’?

Please ask the parent to go back to the first stage in the registration process and click ‘I already have a ParentMail PMX account’ instead of ‘I don’t have a ParentMail PMX account’. If they can’t remember their password, they can click ‘Forgotten your password’ to reset their password and then try connecting again.

If they have never registered before, please search for the email address in Users > List. If the email address is listed against the wrong parent, please make the change here by removing the email address against the wrong parent and add the email address to the right parent.


A parent is trying to register but receives the error ‘Mobile number already in use’?

The mobile number they are registering with is most likely listed against another parent in your PMX account. Please search for the number in Users > List and make the relevant changes to ensure the right parent has the correct mobile number. They can then try registering again.


We have received a subject access (SAR) request from a user, what information do we need to provide?

If your school receives a Subject Access Request (SAR) from a parent, you must comply and provide them with a copy of all data related to them held on ParentMail.

To do this, log into ParentMail and go to Reports > General Reports and click ‘Subject Access Request’. Next, find the user and click ‘Generate Report’.

This will then produce a PDF document; you will also be able to print a copy for the user if they request.

You can export further data that we hold for the user by running the ‘User Data Export’. This is found in Reports > General Reports. This will contain all the data for that user, including emails that have been sent to the user.  This will generate in a PDF document.



How can I view the parent feed?

You will only be able to view a parent feed for Connected parents.

Find the connected user in Users > List. Then  click the ‘Actions’ button followed by ‘Parents’ View’.

Image 15

You will then be able to see a read-only version of the parents’ feed. Along the side, you can see the menu –

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Forms
  • PEM
  • Events
  • Payments – To Pay
  • Payments – Shop
  • Archived

Within each menu, you can view the items that they are able to access through their ParentMail account.

For example, if you look within ‘Email’, you can see –

  • Emails sent to the parent, with the subject name, date and time and school name
  • Whether the email has been opened.

Image 16

If the parent has not received any communications, their feed will appear as such. For example, in the screenshot below, it is clear that the parent has not received any SMS messages –

Image 17

If the message is regarding a child, the feed will show you who it is regarding –

Image 18

You can also see if an Online Form has been completed/opened –

Image 18

Within ‘Payments – To Pay’, you can search for items and view items those which are – All To Pay, Accounts, Overdue, Part Paid and Upcoming –

Image 20Within ‘Payments – Shop’, you can search and view items by categories –

Image 21


How do I request resubscribe for a user?

Go to Users > List > search and select the parent user. Then, click Actions > Request Resubscribe –

Image 22

You will then be presented with a warning message and action accordingly –

Image 23

If you click ‘Cancel’, the parent will remain unsubscribed.

Clicking ‘Resubscribe’ will present a ‘Success’ message –



Image 24

The parent will then receive the request to resubscribe –

Image 25

Clicking ‘Manage Subscriptions’ will take the parent to a subscriptions window where they will need to click ‘Subscribe’ –

Image 26


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