Guided Tours

What are Guided Tours?

Guided Tours

Our ‘Guided Tours’ will guide you through processes such as sending an email, removing your leavers or creating a new group from start to finish whilst you complete them.

The main benefit of this function is that you can simply complete the task at hand whilst being shown by an interactive step by step guide how to do it – saving you a huge amount of time. You can replay the Guided Tours at any time, which means if you forget how to do something, you can easily remind yourself by clicking the orange button at the top of your ParentMail account and selecting the Guided Tour you would like to play.


What help can I get from Guided Tours?

Opening the widget from the top bar, you will be able to see a selection of available Guided Tours which will take you through a step by step process, asking you to complete the steps as you learn, or remind yourself, how to do it.

As well as the Guided Tours, there are a number of other options available which you will find as you navigate your way through your ParentMail account:

WalkMe - Read More

Read more – This will take you to a page on the school help site, where you can read further helpful information.

WalkMe - Show me how

Show me how – This will launch the WalkMe from the page you’re on and will take you on a step by step how to process.

WalkMe - Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial – This will open a new tab on your desktop where you can watch a video tutorial showing you how to complete the function you are looking at.


Launchers – Within your ParentMail account you will also find Launchers. These are small orange dots (see above) which will give you further information about the item on screen. To view the information, you simply hover over the button and the information will appear on screen.

Launchers with texts


What Guided Tours are available?

To view the available Guided Tours simply go to your ParentMail account and click on the orange “Guided Tours” button on the top black bar. This will open the widget and within this you will see a variety of available tours to play. Please note, some users may see more than others due to their permissions on ParentMail. Admin accounts, for example, will be able to see more Guided Tours than staff users.

Once you have opened the widget, you will see all available tours ordered by application or topic. To view them, simply click on the tab and it will extend. To play a Guided Tour simply select the one you wish to play. The first instruction will then appear on screen.

WalkMe Widget



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