Reconciliation Reports - 31/05/2017

Our new payment reports include a Payment Reconciliation Report, Orders by Settlement Date Report and Orders by Transaction Date Report. You will notice a tool tip on each of the reports which asks you to select a bank account for the report you are generating – please see below:

Reconciliation Report - Tool Tip


Trouble loading Live Chat? - 16/05/2017

We have added a launcher to the system for those who are having trouble loading Live Chat. If this is the case, please click this button and enter your school name and contact telephone number into the text box. We’ll then get in touch to help get it working correctly for you.


Update to Payment Launchers - 28/07/2016

We have updated the information launchers which appear in Payments > Add new item which provide the user with more information when they hover over a setting. They will now appear in an orange box above the setting (see screenshot below)

Payment Launchers Update 2

Many schools also requested that these launchers appear in Payments > Payment Items > Actions > Edit Payment Item so that when they are editing an existing item they will see the launchers on each setting – these have now been added.


Groups ShoutOut

We have added a “ShoutOut” to the Groups > Create a New Group section to help stop schools pulling students from their Year or Reg Groups. Please note, students can only be part of one Year Group and one Reg Group so if you use this Group Type, the student will be removed from the former year or reg group they were in.


Guided Tours Update - 29/03/2016

New Guided Tours:

  • Welcome to ParentMail – Watch this guided tour to get an understanding of the dashboard and basic functionality. Great for new users or those who have missed a training session.
  • Users – Connecting Students and Parents – Lots of schools requested for a guided tour showing how to connect parents and students.

New Shuttles:
Shuttles will open a new tab and provide you with further information. We have added new shuttles for the following:

  • Your monthly FAQ’s
  • System Updates
  • Parents’ Evening Manager
  • Improving parent registration
  • Payment FAQ’s



Payment launchers now invisible - 01/03/2016

For schools using Payments, you may have noticed our orange launchers Icono-INFO-4 next to each of the payment settings when setting up a new item. These allowed you to hover over the setting to find further information about it.

Feedback suggested that these launchers were blinking when the user clicked on the screen, so we have now made these launchers invisible. You can still hover over each of these settings to find further information, but the orange button has disappeared for an improved user experience.


WalkMe now "Guided Tours" - 29/02/2016

We know lots of you enjoy using the interactive help to remind yourselves how to do something on your ParentMail account, so we’ve renamed it from “WalkMe” to “Guided Tours” to make it as clear as possible! Don’t forget, we recently updated the help site too – you can take a look by clicking “View More” below.

Guided Tours


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