Your Own School App

How do we get our own school branded App?

Offering your parents all the existing benefits of the ParentMail App, ‘Your Own School App’ is personalised to showcase your school logo, brand colouring and your school name.

Your own school App

For more information, please email or call 01733 595959 and speak to a member of our Sales team.

Giving you all the power of ParentMail, gift-wrapped in Your Own School App!


How do we let parents know that we now have our own school App?

We’ve put together a letter template which we recommend you send to parents to let them know about your own school App.

Click here to download the template letter

We also now have a branded App video which we encourage you to play at open evenings or even send home a link to your parents through ParentMail!

Click here to watch the video on YouTube


What if my parents are using the ParentMail App?

If your parents are already using the ParentMail App, they can continue using it, or simply delete it and download the School App. Whichever App your parents use, they will still receive messages you send them as long as they are logged in using the email address that they are registered to ParentMail with.

Please note: The ParentMail App allows parents to connect multiple schools and clubs which use ParentMail to the same feed. Your own school App will only deliver messages sent from your school to the parent. Therefore, if any of your parents have children at different schools, they may wish to continue using the ParentMail App so that they continue to receive messages from multiple schools into the same feed.



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