The ParentMail App

What are the benefits of the ParentMail App?

Our mobile App for Android and iOS is now being used by almost 1 million parents, with feedback that it’s now easier than ever to pick up school messages instantly! Our App is the only App that will bring together information from multiple schools and clubs and allow parents to read and respond from one account – which means school messages won’t get lost in a busy email inbox. Not only does the FREE ParentMail App give parents the best user experience, but schools can also benefit from sending free, instant notifications rather than using text credits, making substantial cost savings!

  • Send less paper
  • Stop sending text messages
  • Save hours of administration time each week

Click here to download our posters and put them up in school.


How do I promote the App to my parents?

Send your parents a message through ParentMail
The best way to let your parents know about the App is through ParentMail. We’ve created a template letter for you to use to help let parents know about the benefits. Click here to download it.

Click here to download our posters and put them up in school.


Make your parents aware of the benefits:

  • Receive school messages instantly – perfect for busy parents.
  • See all school communications on one easy feed – so they don’t get buried in a busy email inbox.
  • Complete forms, permissions and surveys wherever they are in the world – improving school responses.
  • Make online payments or top up dinner money – or receive reminders and alerts.
  • Book parents’ evening as soon as they receive it – making the process quick and easy.
  • Receive in app notifications – so they’ll never miss a school message again!
  • Record Absences – saving you time in the morning!

Please note: your school will need to purchase the relevant packages to enable parents to use these in-App features.

Give parents the links to download the App on their iPhone or Android:



Why can’t staff log in to the App?

The ParentMail App is only available to parents. Staff can still access ParentMail on the go by visiting on their mobile or tablet device. See ‘What does the App look like?’ below to see how to give your staff access to the parent feed through the App.


What does the App look like?

Schools often tell us they’d like to see what parents can see if they’re using the ParentMail App! Unfortunately, staff cannot use the App as adding all that functionality into such a small screen would make life very complicated!

However, we know that sometimes when parents come to you with queries, it would be helpful for you to see what they can see.

To do this, all you need to do is set yourself up a test child so you can login as a parent and see exactly what your parents see. To do this, simply create a “fake” child on your ParentMail account and connect this child to your account – you’ll then be able to login and view the parent feed. Make sure you include this child in your emails/forms etc so that you have communications to view!

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