Getting Started…

I am new to ParentMail, what should I do first?

We’ve put together a handy launch checklist to help you get started and get the most out of the system!

We recommend you download and print this checklist, ticking the items off as and when you complete them.

Click here to download your Launch Checklist!


What should I send to parents in the first few weeks?

We recommend you send a letter to parents letting them know that you’ll be using ParentMail to communicate with them from now on. Please find below our available template letters:

Letter to parents – Text and Email only
Letter to Parents – Upgrade from CP to ParentMail

We also have template letters for you to use if you would like to let parents know that you will be using Online Payments, Parents Evening Manager, School Branded App or our Premium Package:

Letter to parents – Online Payments
Letter to parents – Cashless Catering
Letter to parents – Parents Evening Manager
Letter to parents – School Branded App
Letter to parents – Premium package

When you are ready to go live, you will need to send verification messages to parents and staff to enable them to register on the system. This message includes a registration link and is sent by Email and SMS. This means that you don’t need to have both the parent’s email address and mobile number up front to get them registered! Schools which use the SMS function notice a much higher percentage of registered parents than schools that don’t. For help sending out your verification messages please click here.

If you’ve downloaded your Launch Checklist (see above) you’ll have seen that we recommend you aim to send 3 messages in the first week – one of which letting your parents know about the ParentMail App. We’ve created a template for you to use to help let parents know about the benefits of the App. Click here to download it.

Take a look at our blog post: Top Tips – How to engage your parents to see our top tips for engaging your parents!


How do I activate my account?

To activate your system, and to be able to communicate with your parents, you need to ‘Enable Comms’ within the system. Enabling communications will send out verification messages to your members and will also allow you to start sending emails, forms and SMS messages.

Select the ‘Settings’ tab on the left-hand side of your menu screen and then click on general.

Pic 1.png

A list will populate on the right-hand side, and you then need to select ‘Communications’ from that list (as below).

Pic 2

The screen below will now appear. Click on the ‘Enable Comms’ button to activate the system. This will send out registration links via email to all contacts with an email address in the system.

Pic 3

Once enabled and complete, it should now look like the image below.

Pic 4

You also have the option to send the registration links out via SMS (Enable SMS Verification at the bottom of that same list).

Enabling this function will allow ParentMail to send out verification messages via text. This means that you don’t need to have the parent’s email address up front to get them registered! Please note, this will cost you 1 text credit per SMS. Schools who use this function do notice a much higher percentage of registered parents than schools who don’t!


Where can we find promotional materials for ParentMail?

We have a section on the help site called Posters and Graphics which will show you all the available promotional materials for you to put up around school or include in your school newsletter.

We also recommend you add some information to your school website, a template for this can be found here.


Some staff members missed the training, what can we do?

If you have members of staff who you would like to use ParentMail, who were unable to attend your training session, we would strongly recommend that they spend some time with the interactive Guided Tours or watching our helpful Training Videos.

The Guided Tours can be found within the system by going to Help > Guided Tours and selecting the “Walk Thru” you would like to play. The Training Videos can be found within the system by going to Help > Training Videos and selecting the video you would like to view. These interactive guided tours and videos can be played any time, so are good for new staff or those who need a quick refresher on how to do something, such as creating a form or setting up a register for example.

Alternatively, you can contact us through Live Chat to arrange additional 1-2-1 training over the telephone, for no charge, or arrange a trainer to visit you at your school (charges will apply for onsite training).

Each week we’ll bring you new Top Tips to help you get the most from your ParentMail account! You will see these appear on the “Message of the Day” on your overview page, alternatively, make sure you come back here every Friday to see our latest tips!


How do I add my staff to ParentMail?

Take a look at our Users and Permissions page where you’ll see all our FAQ’s for adding staff members, parents and students.


How do I set up groups?

Take a look at our help page for Groups where you’ll see all our FAQ’s for helping you set up Groups, Group Types and more.


How do I help parents with registration issues?

Take a look at our Parent Registration help page where you’ll see all our FAQ’s or direct your parent to the Parent help site.


Live Chat isn't working, what do I do?

If Live Chat isn’t loading, please add the following URL’s to your filter / proxy:


How can we speak to you on social media?

Many schools contact us on Facebook or Twitter and it’s a great way to keep in touch with news from us! It’s also a great tool for reaching your parents and encouraging parental engagement.

Download our latest graphic to see what schools are tweeting us!


Can I set ParentMail registration as homework?

Great idea! We’ve created a document for you to use if you’d like to set this as homework within school – some schools even have competitions between class and year groups! Simply click here to download.


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