Creating and Sending Forms

What kind of forms can I create?

The Forms application allows you to build a range of different forms, to use as a one off or to be used repeatedly. If you are likely to use a form again, we recommend that you add it to your templates, so that you don’t have to build it from the beginning each time.

Many schools use the forms builder package to create breakfast club/after school club permission forms, dinner booking forms, parent surveys, trip consent, medical forms, photography/internet permissions, collecting parent details, questionnaires and more!

If you get stuck, we recommend you use the Guided Tours function to take you through the process step by step.


How do I create a new form?

Creating a form for the first time can seem like a daunting task, however, we’ve designed our Forms application so that it’s very easy for you to create stylish and professional looking forms with an easy to use, flexible form builder.

Firstly you will need to click on ‘Forms’ in the left hand menu and then ‘Create’ from the sub menu.

Forms Screenshot

Drag the widgets from the Form Editor Toolbox (shown above left) into the Form Preview (shown above right). The widgets give a brief description of what they are, so we advise that you look at these options before building your form. It is likely you would start with a heading, before adding in your questions.

If you require your recipients to add the date, or their email address, you can simply drag these widgets into the bottom of the form.

Creating and Sending Forms 2

To edit a widget, once it is in your Form Preview box hover over the question and select the icon highlighted above. This will allow you to type in your question and answers, if applicable. (You can also delete, or duplicate the question by hovering over it and selecting the other icons in the top right hand corner).

Forms Screenshot 2

You can edit the name of the label to create your options/answers and to add more, simply click the + icon.

If you are having trouble with this, we would advise that you use the Guided Tours which will show you how to do it step by step. To begin the Guided Tours simply click the Show Me How tab on the top of your form builder page. Alternatively, you can watch a video tutorial by clicking on the Video Tutorial button next to ‘Show me how’.

You can then save the form as a template or send it right away. Please note, you are unable to save the form after sending it so we recommend you always save the form first.

When parents respond to a form online they will be asked to enter their password. This will then work as their digital signature and will also include a time and date stamp for when they submitted the form.


How do I use a form template?

Select ‘Forms’ from the left hand menu and then ‘Templates’ in the sub menu – this will display a list of all available templates. When you have found the form you wish to send, click on it to open it. Now you can send the template form as it is by clicking ‘Send as Form’, or edit the template before sending by clicking ‘Use Template’.

Once you are happy with the content of the form, click ‘Send’.


How do I send my form once it is ready?

Once your Form is ready to go, click ‘Submit’ and a new window will appear (shown below).

Form - Sending

  • Recipients – To add a recipient, click in the recipient box to the right hand side of the window and the Contact Book will appear.
  • Subject – This will appear as the subject line of the form.
  • Primary contacts only – Select this if you want the message to only go to the parents who are marked as primary contacts.
  • Anonymous Reply – Select this if you don’t want to know who your replies are from.
  • Maximum Replies– You can put a limit on the maximum number of replies you can receive by selecting this option. This is the total amount of responses to the form, not replies per student. Each form can only be completed once per student. We recommend you always enter a number here for the amount of students you are sending the form to. If you later add more students to the form, you will need to update this number to ensure the maximum replies is set to the amount of students it is now being sent to – without this, the form will assume it has reached its maximum amount of replies.
  • Expires – If you want your form to expire on a certain date, you can enter it here.
  • Reminders – This will allow reminders to go out to each parent. There are multiple options available regarding the frequency of the reminders.

Am I able to send a form to staff members?

Yes, you are able to send a form to Staff members.


How do parents provide their digital signatures?

When the parents respond to a form online they will be asked to enter their password. This will then work as their digital signature.


How do I add students to an existing form?

Go to Forms > Responses > find the form > click Actions > Edit Settings:

Creating and sending forms

The ‘Edit Form Settings’ pop up window will be displayed, please click the ‘Recipients’ button:

Creating and sending forms 2

Here you can choose the students that you want to add to the existing form. Once you have clicked Confirm, the recipients should now total correctly:

Creating and sending forms 3

Please make sure that you have updated maximum replies to the total of responses you require and then click Send.

The form will only be sent to the new students.


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