Data Management guidance

Password protecting a document

ParentMail take data security very seriously and as such, when sending personal data to our Technical Support Team, you will be asked to Password Protect sensitive information.

To protect a Word document, follow from Step 2 onwards.

  • Certain Excel file types cannot be encrypted, such as a CSV file. It is vitally important that you save the file as an Excel Workbook before following the below steps.
    1. To do this, please click ‘File’ > ‘Save As’ > ‘Save as type’ > ‘Excel Workbook’.


2. Now you will need to password protect the spreadsheet. To do this, click the ‘Info’ tab > ‘Protect Workbook’ > ‘Encrypt with Password’:



3. A pop-up window will display to enter in a password. Please ensure you select a password which is not obvious. For example, something like ‘1234’ would not be suitable.


4. After this, you will be asked to re-enter the password:


5. The settings should display as:



Once you have protected the file, please email it to

Please note: The password should be confirmed to a ParentMail agent over the phone or via Live Chat and should never be provided to ParentMail via email.

Failure to follow this process will result in ParentMail permanently deleting any un-encrypted information which may delay our ability to provide support.


Summer Roll-Up

Please follow the link below to assist you with rolling-up your students and adding new starters. There are three categories of instructions so please make sure you select the one that is relevant to your school: Please click here to view your Summer Roll Up instructions


Promotion Tool

When using the promotion tool (found under Settings within your ParentMail account) to promote your students, please remember to:

  1. Remove your leavers via the ‘Remove Leavers’ function found under the ‘Settings’ tab.
  2. Start from the highest year groups to the lowest.
  3. Next, start from your highest registration groups to the lowest.
  4. Finish by adding your new intake.

You can remove leavers through the ‘Remove Leavers’ function (found under Settings) OR you can individually remove the student through the user record (found under Users – List).


Parent Registration

The registration process for parents has been improved for PMX and is very different to ParentMail 2. Previously, you would have to set up the student and generate a code registration letter so parents can register. In PMX, the system will automatically send invites to your parents via email or SMS once they are added to the system via an import, or manually.

Remember, if you add a parent with their email address and mobile number they will automatically start to receive any communication sent by the school, even if they have not registered.

Parents will need  to register to use Online Payments, Forms or Parents Evening Manager and to have access to the free mobile App.

More information on parent registration can be found here.



Please remember to import your students from SIMS directly to avoid manually creating duplications on PMX.

Have you installed the Auto SIMS Link? Click here for more information.



If you are manually creating a student, parent or staff and need help creating a user, you can follow the ‘Guided Tours’ for a step-by-step guide or you can visit the school help site, located under the ‘Help’ button, for more guidance. You will need to follow these categories:

Please note, the ‘Staff’ user type means that this user will only be able to view an inbox, please see “Staff Permissions” below for instructions on adding further permissions.

You can create other user types by following: How do I create a new user type?


Staff Permissions

Within your school, staff members may have restricted access to specific information on PMX. To adjust their permissions, follow the instructions ‘How do I add or edit the permissions of an individual user?



When you have completed your roll-up process you can check through the groups to ensure they are correct by going to Groups > Groups.

  • Deleting a group – To delete a group, select the group > Actions – Delete.
  • Update group members – To update groups members, first find the group, then select the ‘manage group members’ option – click onto the selected option on the left hand side – untick students that need to be removed and tick those to be included.
  • Update group – To avoid re-creating a club group that has rolled- up, you can edit the group name by clicking onto actions – edit.

Click here for more information on managing your groups



Genders were not stored in ParentMail 2, but in PMX they are a required field. During the migration of your data student genders as ‘unknown’ for this reason. If you do want to update their genders you can do so by editing each student individually, however there is no negative impact to leaving them as they are.


Getting parents registered

You can send out bulk registration links to parents by going to ‘Settings’ within your ParentMail account and selecting ‘General’ from the sub menu. You now have two options for re sending invites:

  • Resend Email Verification – This button will send a verification link via email to all unverified parents with an email address.
  • Resend SMS Verification – This button will send a verification link via text message to all unverified parents with a mobile number. Please note – this will cost 1 text credit per parent (which equates to approximately 5p per parent in real money terms). Although there is a small cost associated with sending these reminders, schools get a far higher response rate from parents via text when compared to email, so the initial cost will far outweigh the benefits of having a higher percentage of parents connected to your PMX account.

Help with Payments

If you need help with Payments, you can click on the Help button in PMX to find different options to help you:


Pupil Premium

Students who have a subsidised payment within ParentMail 2 trips will have overdue payments if you are not making a manual payment for them on PMX.

Resolution: Find these students in the ‘View Orders’ screen, select them and then press the ‘Mark Completed’ option. Enter in notes (optional) so you are aware why this has been marked as completed. This will remove it from the parents feed as an overdue payment.


Overdue payments for expired items

Where parents have previously made half a payment online and half in cash to the office, but the office team had not recorded it on ParentMail 2, it will come across as overdue on PMX and show in the parent’s feed as overdue.

Resolution: Find the payment item, open up the ‘View Orders’ screen within the ‘Actions’ tab at the top right. Click onto the ‘Status’ header to put the statuses in order, you can then tick all of the people marked as ‘overdue’ and click the ‘Mark as Completed’ option. This will remove the item from the parent’s feed.


Refunded Payments

When you processed a refund on ParentMail2, you were not able to mark the student as cancelled and because of this, they would still be included in the list of students associated with the trip. On PMX, the system assumes the parent is still interested and they will be notified about these ‘outstanding’ payments.

Resolution: Go into Payment Items and click on the ‘Status’ header to put the statuses in order, you can then mark the ‘Refunded’ payments as cancelled. This will remove it from the parents feed.


Within a payment item: “no specific users = all users"

If a parent can see an old payment item that is not associated with their child this is because in ParentMail 2 if you had an item that was not linked to ANY users, nobody would be able to see it in their shop. In PMX however, if there are no users attached to a payment item, it will automatically assume that is should be available for ALL users.

Resolution: You will need to go in to each payment item that is showing incorrectly, and then link them to the correct users, or if you just want to hide this item completely – you can link it to your own staff account.


Leavers attached to payment items

When you remove your leavers, any active payment items linked to JUST those users will become available to everyone.

Resolution: You need to remember to close payment items by using the ‘Purchase Window’ option and ensure it’s expired before removing leavers.


Expired items showing in ‘manual order’

You are processing a manual payment, however when clicking onto the student you can see expired items.

Resolution: You can simply use the search function to locate the active item that you need. We are releasing a patch to the system at some point this year to allow you to archive expired items from your view as a staff member. Please rest assured that no parents will see these expired items – only staff members at the school.


Active trips showing under ‘expired’ status

Migrated payment items will expire when the last instalment due date has passed even if the purchase window is still open, because the migrated payment items work with the ‘due date’ option, whereas newly created payment items work with the purchase window.

Resolution: Find the payment item under the ‘expired’ status > Actions > Edit > Scroll to the Instalments section – the last instalment will be displayed and you will need to adjust it to the date you need the payment item to be active until.


Cashless catering

Parents will be processing payments through PMX to allow their child to have dinner money available for when they are back in school. Please remember the payment will be pending and the balance will not be updated until the tills communicate with PMX.

There may be multiple reasons why a student does not appear to have a valid cashless account link. For new intake, please ensure that the tills are communicating and this ensures the data is processed via PMX – balances should show if this is the case. If you try to take a manual order for dinner money and you are unable to see a top-up option for dinner, this signifies that there is an issue with either the cashless account or the linking between your tills and PMX.

  • If the tills are communicating yet the students cashless account is not showing on PMX, then it may be an issue caused by a non-existent link. To check this, you need to select cashless account linking from within the payments section and this will present a list of all the till accounts that are not assigned to a PMX account.
  • However, if there is an incorrect link they will not show in cashless account linking, if this occurs please get in contact with us and we will help you resolve this.

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