How do I create and send an SMS message?

To create an SMS, select the ‘SMS’ tab from the left hand side of your menu screen and then click ‘Compose’. This will open a new message.

Contact recipients – To select who you want to send your SMS to, click in the ‘Contact Recipients’ box and this will open the Contact Book. Please note, you can only select staff or students – not parents.
For help using the Contact Book click here.

Subject – Give your SMS a subject to make it easy for you to search for it later in your sent box. Please note, parents will not see this, it is simply for your reference. The Subject line has a limit up to 200 characters.

Do you want to send this message immediately? – You now have the option to send the message immediately or in the future. If you select yes, the message will go out as soon as you hit send. If you click no you can select a date and time using the calendar and this message will be stored in your Scheduled Messages section until it is sent. Please note, the time automatically sets at 00.00, so please remember to change this.

Send to primary contacts only – Tick this box if you want the message to go only to the primary contact for each child.

Economy Mode – Selecting this option will allow the system to automatically prioritise sending an email instead of an SMS to any parent who has an email address in ParentMail. Registered parents who use the app will still receive a notification in the app as normal. This option has the potential to save you a lot of text credits! For example: If you have 100 parents and 90 have an email address, you will only spend 10 text credits as the 90 that have an email address will receive an email instead.

Send per student – The parents will get one message per child.

Send per family – The parents will get only one message even if you have selected more than one of their children.

Adding your message
Type the message you want to send into the large text box. Please note that one text credit = 160 characters and 15 characters will already be used to enter the child’s name at the start of your message.

Please note you can paste from a Word document. Use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl & C to copy and Ctrl & V to paste).

When you hit Send, you will see a confirmation message such as “this will send 201 Emails and 25 SMS.” Any documents to print will go to Documents to Print > SMS.

There are several functions available in your tool bar which can help you when composing your message, such as adding a hyperlink, parent name fields, student name fields and other general formatting tools.

The student name fields cannot be used in conjunction with ‘Send per family’ and will only work with ‘Send per student’.



How do I view SMS messages that I have sent?

Click on ‘SMS’ on the left hand menu and then select “Sent”. A list of SMS messages that your organisation has sent will then be shown to the right. Select the SMS that you wish to view and you will have the following options.

  • View Recipients – you can see who has been sent the message and how they received it. This may be useful if your parents regularly claim they haven’t received school messages!
  • Archive – you can use this to archive an old message that you won’t need anymore. Please note that once archived you will lose the option to View Recipients.

How do I create an SMS template?

Click on ‘SMS’ on the left hand menu and then select ‘Create Template’. You can then select a title for your template and type the main body before hitting save. This will then appear in your Templates.


How do I use, edit or delete my templates?

Click on ‘SMS’ on the left hand menu and then select ‘Templates’. A Template is an SMS that you may send often and will need to re-use i.e. absence report. Click on the template you want to Use, Edit or Delete and then select one of the below options.

  • Use – this will populate your SMS with what you have stored in your template.
  • Edit – you can edit your template and then save it for future use.
  • Delete – this will permanently remove the selected template.

How do I check my Archive?

Click on ‘SMS’ on the left hand menu and then select ‘Archive’. This is where your archived messages will be stored. You cannot permanently delete any sent SMS messages.


How do I top up my text credits?

Click on ‘SMS’ on the left hand menu and then select ‘Top up Credits’. You can purchase text credits instantly here and your schools will be sent an invoice within 30 days.


How do I view, edit or delete my Scheduled Messages?

Click on ‘SMS’ on the left hand menu and then select ‘Scheduled Messages’. You will have the option to ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ a scheduled message so long as it appears in this folder. Once the date and time set for a scheduled message is met, it will move in to the sent folder.


Can my SMS message be saved as a draft?

The answer is yes! SMS messages that you are composing, will automatically save as a draft:Saving SMS drafts 2

You can view the draft later by going to SMS > Drafts > click onto the draft message:

Saving SMS drafts 2

Here you can ‘Use Draft’ to continue where you left off or you can Delete Draft.


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