What is Absence Reporting?

We know that for many schools, chasing up school absences can take a bit of time and can often resulting in sending text messages out to parents to find out why their child is absent from school. With our new absence reporting tool, life will be easier for parents to report absences, meaning schools will get a better response.

Absence reporting will only work through the ParentMail App, so it’s important that your parents have downloaded the App onto their iPhone or Android device. 

Parents report absences in 4 easy steps:

  1. From the ParentMail App, open ‘Absences’ and select the name of their child/children who will be absent.
  2. Select a reason for absence from a drop down menu.
  3. Select an amount of time that the child is likely to be off school for.
  4. Add any additional notes, and then send to school.

The school will then receive absences in the ‘Absence Inbox’, and can run a report off each day across the entire school.

Schools have the option to turn this functionality on and off.


How do I allow a parent to report an absence through ParentMail?

To turn this function on, simply go to settings in the left hand side bar. Please note, you will only be able to see settings if you have administration rights. In Settings, select General.

Absences 1

Select the option within your settings which says “Enable Online Absence Reporting”.

Absences 2

To allow your parents to report absences through ParentMail, simply click ‘enable’. If, at a later date, you do not want to use this function any more, simple click ‘disable’.

absences 3


How do I view absences?

To view absences, simply log in to your ParentMail account and click Absences in the left hand menu. If parents have reported an absence, these will be shown as a list in the middle menu. For details of the absence, simply click on it and you will see all the details the parent has provided. You can then click the Mark as Processed button to tell the system that you have processed the absence request.

You can also run off a report to see absences between any time period. To do this, go to Reports on the left hand menu, and select General Reports, then Student Absences. For help with this, click here.


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