How do I make sure my browser is compatible with ParentMail?

No matter what device you are using, we advise you use an up to date browser. Here are some links to the most compatible browsers:

If you are using an iPhone or Android device, we would encourage you to download the free parent App so that you don’t have to worry about browser settings. You also won’t need to login each time to access your messages, and you’ll receive in-app notifications alerting you straight away when you receive a new message!


If I am using Safari on a smartphone device, how do I allow Cookies?

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Safari
  • Scroll down to privacy and security
  • Select block cookies
  • Set it to ‘Never’.

smartphone 1



How do I know if I am using private browsing?

You can check this by opening up Safari, and at the bottom right you can switch between tabs. Select this and the window pans out – you can then see “Private” on the bottom left. If Private looks as it does in the diagram below this means it is active and you will have trouble accessing PMX, select it to turn it off.

smartphone 2


Why am I having trouble opening attachments on my iPhone/Android device?

If you are having trouble opening attachments on your phone, you can download a free App called Polaris Office. This will open up most office documents sent by your school, please download it from the required link below.

Or, if you are having trouble opening attachments on your computer, please make sure you have Adobe downloaded on your computer:


I am using Internet Explorer and ParentMail will not load correctly, why?

Please note, ParentMail does not support Internet Explorer V9. Parents using this version of the browser may experience problems when logging in. To avoid this, please update the version of Internet Explorer you are using or use another browser (Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.)

If you are using Internet Explorer V10 or higher and can not load ParentMail correctly, it is likely that you will need to change the compatibility view.

To do this, open Internet Explorer and go to ParentMail then select Tools. Select Compatibility View settings then select Add and you will see drop into the box below:

smartphone 3


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