System Updates

System Update – Due Wednesday 12th December (8pm)

Please note: We will require Users to accept Terms and Conditions before accessing ParentMail for the first time following this release, due to requirements from GDPR. This will be visible from the login screen after the release goes live and will affect staff and parent users.


System Update - 28/04/2017

Parents can now delete any saved debit/credit cards from their account. Please note, cards can only be deleted through the web version, not through the mobile app.  


Payments Update - 09/11/2016

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, if there was a delay between ParentMail and the Payment Gateway, users would see a spinning wheel until the confirmation was made. To improve the user experience and avoid duplicate payments being made, the transaction will now be confirmed instantly and users will receive an email payment receipt once the Payment Gateway has confirmed that the payment has been made successfully.
  • The maximum payment cart size has been reduced from 100 items to 60 items to improve speed of response.
  • Previously, parents with accents in their name were unable to process card payments, this has now been fixed.

iOS App Update - 17/05/2016

New Features

– View the app version number on the login screen.

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed an issue preventing the selection of payment card expiry dates

– Fixed an issue causing the app to close when trying to view a form offline.


iOS App Update - 09/05/2016

New menu:

  • The new menu is accessed using the menu button in the top left corner of the the screen or by swiping from the left side of the screen to the right.

iOS Menu

Support for larger screens:

  • The app will now resize on the device screen using the extra space available. (iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Pro )


  • Authenticating with TouchID will non longer present the pin entry page behind the TouchID prompt.
  • If the device is unlocked using TouchID and the app is opened within 1 minute you will no longer be prompted for TouchID to access the app. (only avaliable on devices running iOS9 and greater)

Android App Update - 19/04/2016

If your school is using +Pay on PMX, with Cashless or Registers enabled, you can now top up dinner money accounts in the payments section of the App.


iOS Update – 23/03/2016

New Features:

  • If your school is using +Pay on PMX, with Cashless or Registers enabled, you can now topup dinner money accounts in the payments section of the App.

Bug Fixes:

  • We have fixed an error in the Email, SMS, Starred, Archived lists that would show the incorrect item or close the App after using the Archive button.

Known Issues:

  • We are aware that some unread item number badges are incorrect, this will be fixed soon.

App Updates - 07/12/2015

Parents can now make online payments through the App, which means they can pay for items such as school trips, uniform, tickets for events and more using their debit card, credit card or using PayCash.

Other updates:

  • The Menu and Login screens have been updated.
  • We have added a “Remember Me” option which securely saves your login details.
  • The design for tablet has been updated.

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