What are Guided Tours?

Receiving messages through your ParentMail account should be fairly straightforward, however we understand that, particularly for those parents who are not overly familar with technology, your parent feed could look a bit daunting. To support you with this, as well as the parent help site, we have added interactive guided tours to help you understand how to use your account and each of the applications.

The ‘Guided Tours’ can only be used on a computer – so if you are using the ParentMail App or a tablet, you will not be able to view them.

If you are on a computer, you will be able to see the Guided Tours by clicking on the orange button in the toolbar at the top of your parent feed:

Guided Tours

The main benefit of the Guided Tours is that rather than call in to your school office or to ParentMail, you can simply complete whatever it is you need to do by following an interactive step by step guide – saving you a huge amount of time. You can replay the Guided Tours at any time, which means if you forget how to do something, you can easily remind yourself by clicking the orange button at the top of your ParentMail account and selecting the Guided Tour you would like to play.

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