How do I change my mobile number?

If you are registered, you can log in to your ParentMail account and update your mobile number yourself. To do this, log in, select your name in the top right hand bar, and then click Personal Details. Update your mobile number here, then click Save. When you update your personal details, the school will receive a notification of any changes.

If you have not yet registered your account, please contact the school directly to update your mobile number.


Can I view text messages in my parent feed?

Yes! You can view a history of all SMS messages sent to you from the school by selecting SMS in your ParentMail account. Messages are listed in chronological order, with the most recent message at the top. To view the content of a message, click on the selected message.


How can I see previous messages sent to me?

On the message feed screen scroll down the page to see previous messages that have been sent to you.


I haven’t registered to ParentMail, so why am I receiving text messages from my school?

If your school has your mobile number, they will be able to send you text messages without you being registered. This is so that they can reach you in emergencies. If you would like to access your ParentMail feed and other applications from ParentMail, you will need to register your account. If you do not wish to receive text messages from your school, you will need to contact them and ask them to remove your mobile number from their data.


Can I register without a mobile number?

Yes, you can now register without entering a mobile number. However, if you provide your school with your mobile number you can receive text messages from your school, as well as emails.


When I receive a text message from my school, it only has one of my children’s names at the top – why?

ParentMail allows schools to send messages ‘per family’ or ‘per student’. If your school selects to send a message ‘per family’ it means that you will only receive that message once, rather than for each child. If you believe that you are not receiving messages specific to one child, please contact the school to check that you are properly linked to all of your children.


How do I reply to a text message from my school?

If your school sends you a text you will not be able to respond via ParentMail. The texts your school sends you should be informing you of something and therefore shouldn’t require a response. If you do need to respond, please contact the school directly


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