Meetings & Events

How do I see upcoming school events?

If your school uses the Meetings and Events application, you will be able to see ‘Meetings and Events’ as an option in your parent feed or in the mobile App.

To see school events, click on ‘Meetings and Events’ and use the filter button to search by the month of each event. If you know the name of the event, you can type this in the search bar at the top of the page – however please note, it will need to be set to the correct month in or for Meetings or Events to be visible.


How do I know where an event will be?

Your school will include location information on the event – if this does not appear, please contact the school in the first instance to find out where the event will be held.


Why have I not been invited to an event that other parents have been invited to?

Your school can invite any amount of parents or students to an event as individuals, class groups, clubs, year groups etc. therefore it may be that the school have specifically sent meeting or event invitations out to a select group.

However, if you feel you should have received an invitation to an event which you haven’t received, we would advise that you get in touch with your school and they will be able to assist you further.


Can I confirm my attendance at events?

Yes! If your school requires you to confirm your attendance, the option will be visible on the event invitation.

Your school will also decide if they want to send this invitation to you, as the parent, for your children or for both. When marking your attendance, you may have the option to mark just yourself, just your child, or both of you as attending the event.


Can I change the response I have given?

If the Event is still live and active, you can change the response by going into the Event and click the ‘Change Response’ button to see the options of attending or not attending.


Why can't I mark my attendance for an event?

If when you open the event invitation you see the following error message:

“Bookings are now closed for this event”

This means that the event booking window is now closed and you will need to contact your school directly for further information.


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