What kind of forms will my school send me?

Your school may send you permission slips, data collection, surveys or dinner selection forms via ParentMail.


How will I know if my school has sent me a form?

If you have been sent a form, you will receive a notification within your ParentMail account next to “Forms”. To view it, simply click Forms.

If you have downloaded the ParentMail App, you will receive a ‘push’ notification on your smartphone when there is a form waiting for you to complete. If you do not receive this notification and want to be able to change the notification settings, please click here.


How do I complete a form?

You can complete a form on your computer, tablet, smartphone or through the free ParentMail app/ on your school branded app. Simply open the form, complete the answers by either typing in a text answer or selecting a tick box to show your answer.

Once you have completed the form you may need to enter your password if required by the school. This will act as your digital signature (authorisation). Click submit to send the form back to your school.


Can I view previously completed forms?

When your school are in the process of creating a form, they are required to enter an expiry date. Once you have completed your form, you will be able to view it up until the expiry date has passed. After this date, you will no longer be able to view the form.

If you are unsure of how you answered, you can contact your school and they will be able to tell you your response.


Why am I not receiving forms that other parents are receiving?

Your school can select who they send forms to, so it may be that they have only chosen a certain class, or group. However, if you feel you have not received a form that you should have, please contact your school in the first instance and they will be able to assist you further.


Why can I not see Forms as an option in my parent feed?

If you cannot see Forms as an option in your feed, your school have not purchased this application and therefore will not be able to send you online forms. If you would like to complete forms in this way, please speak to your school!


I have responded to a form, but have changed my mind, how do I change the form?

Once you have completed the form, you will not be able to change your response. If you urgently need to change a response, you will need to contact your school and let them know of the change.


How do I provide a digital signature?

When completing a form online, you are required to enter your password as shown below:

Forms - Confirm with your password

As this is unique to you and not to be shared with anyone, this acts as your digital signature. If the password entered is incorrect, the form will not be submitted.


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