With over 90% of parents using ParentMail and the majority using the ParentMail App, Stoke Mandeville Combined School are extremely pleased with ParentMail and how easy it now is to communicate with their parents.

Previously using an older version of ParentMail, the school began hearing very positive things from other local schools about the latest platform, PMX and decided to upgrade (a free of charge upgrade with no disruption to the school or parents).

Kate Sullivan, administrator and main ParentMail user at Stoke Mandeville Combined School, told us, “When we heard such positive things from other schools about the new version of ParentMail, we were keen to upgrade and begin using it – and it’s been a great decision!”

The real success for this school has been the parent App available with ParentMail’s latest parental engagement system, which is free for parents to download on all iOS and Android devices. Kate told us, “In this day and age most parents have a smartphone, and being able to pick up school messages on the go makes life so much easier for them, and for us here in school.”

“It means they can receive all important school messages via their mobile phone – helping them stay on top of all the things their children need.”

Parents have been very enthusiastic about the ParentMail App, with many coming in to school to let staff know how much they enjoy using it and how much simpler it is than receiving bits of paper. “Parents are busy people and if they can pick up important school messages instantly, or receive reminders for things the night before they’re due, of course they’re going to love it!”

With parents picking up school messages through the App, it means the school have noticed a cost reduction due to sending less text messages out, with in-app notifications working in the exact same way, but with no extra cost.

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