“Staggering” response to Forms app at St Paulinus RC Primary School

Posted by Jessica Brierley 3 years ago

St Paulinus RC Primary School had been used to just a few per cent of parents replying to questions and surveys they sent out, and were staggered when 85% quickly replied to an online form they sent using ParentMail’s Forms, Permissions and Surveys App.

With nearly 90% of their parents using ParentMail, St Paulinus RC Primary School were keen to begin using the Forms, Permissions and Surveys app as soon as possible.

“We sent 23 forms out through ParentMail and got 20 responses overnight.”

The first form that Lynne Green, Business Manager for the school, sent was to find out how many parents were interested in a school trip. In the past, Lynne told us, this could be quite a slow process as receiving the forms back into school could take some time, and on one occasion there were no responses at all. But, with the online forms app, Lynne received 60% of responses overnight – meaning she could book the trip the next day. Parents can complete forms on their computers, tablets or mobile phones, so it’s easy for them to respond.

The next form Lynne sent was an experiment – it wasn’t imperative for parents to respond, so they were very interested to see what would happen. The form was about a ‘treat trip’ for year 6 pupils, and because parents don’t tend to check the school bags of older children they would normally have had a very poor response to this.  However of the 23 forms sent out to the year 6 class, 20 responses came back overnight. Lynne said, “This would never have happened with paper copies. Parents don’t tend to look through the bags of the older students; it’s the child’s responsibility to give letters to their parents and often we find this doesn’t happen. Because the online form goes straight to the parents, and parents can complete forms on their mobiles, nearly all of them responded. It’s been extremely helpful.”

With this latest app from ParentMail proving such a success in the school, Head Teacher Mr Geaves has declared that he is “completely on board” and is encouraging all staff members to use and understand ParentMail so that they can help parents with any questions or queries should they need to.

Future plans for the school are to take on the Parents Evening Manager App – which Lynne believes will be a huge success throughout the school, “It’s going to be extremely helpful, not only in saving so much time in school but also for the parents, who won’t need to hunt through bags for forms and slips, but will receive it all through ParentMail. We can’t wait to use it.”

Another great success story for ParentMail! If your school could benefit from any of our apps, email info@parentmail.co.uk for a free demo or for further information.

Posted on June 7, 2014 | Last modified: 13th December 2016

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