Quainton CE Primary prepares for free school meals with online forms

Posted by Jessica Brierley 3 years ago

With more children being offered free school meals from September, Quainton Primary School were worried about how they would manage to keep on top of all the extra work. Luckily, they have found the perfect solution with ParentMail’s online Dinner Booking form.

Having recently started with the Forms, Permissions and Surveys app, the school have found they have saved huge amounts of administrative time already. School Bursar Sarah Collier told us, “Previously we had to manually count meal choices on every form sent, which as you can imagine, was very time consuming. We were really nervous about going into the new academic year with a manual counting system, as this would have been so difficult to manage.”

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Now that the school have the online dinner booking form, this will do all the administration for them, freeing up a lot of their time: “We’ve already saved over 3 hours a week with the online dinner booking form and this will be more from September when inevitably more children are eating school meals.”

Previously the school would send out a printed menu and a form every week for parents to complete, but now that parents can complete forms on the mobile phone or computer, they’ve seen an increase in responses: “Within an hour of sending out our latest form, 50% of parents had replied. We’ve really noticed an increase in the number of forms we’re getting back from parents now that they can complete them online, which means we don’t have to spend time chasing them for a response!”

With 98% of their parents using ParentMail, Quainton CE Primary has been very pleased with how quickly it has ‘become the norm’ and how much easier it is to communicate with parents now they no longer send paper letters.

Sarah explained that another problem they have had with paper forms in the past had been with school trips. She said, “We often struggled getting responses for school trips as they very rarely reached parents and remained stuck in school bags. Now we’ve cut out the middle man and can reach parents directly, we see replies coming in very quickly after we have sent them, which is because parents are completing them on their mobile phones.”

Parents from Quainton Primary are delighted with ParentMail, with one parent commenting that they now don’t have the worry of remembering where they put that letter or form, as it’s all online when they need it!

If you would like to save time and send forms, permissions and surveys home to your parents electronically, simply leave a comment below for more information, or email info@parentmail.co.uk

Posted on July 14, 2014 | Last modified: 4th November 2016

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