ParentMail – a huge success at St Marie’s RC Primary School!

Posted by Jessica Brierley 3 years ago

St Marie’s School in Sheffield has an impressive 98% parent uptake on ParentMail.

We spoke to school secretary Anne Wallace to find out why their parents are so keen to be on board.

Anne explained that the school had to get creative to catch the attention of parents initially! “Though at first we contacted parents to let them know about ParentMail in the conventional way (on plain white paper) we soon realised they were getting ignored – how many other bits of paper like this do people receive every day? So, we got creative! Soon our plain white letters became more colourful and eventually, we were sending out bright red letters to really catch their eye!”

St Maries

The text service is something that Anne and the rest of the school have particularly found beneficial – “ParentMail is absolutely fantastic, especially the text service. It’s so helpful to be able to contact parents instantly. For example, if something happens during the day we can simply text that parent straight away and let them know what has happened.

But it’s not just the text service that St Marie’s have found helpful – they’ve found that by using both email and text they’ve had a much better response, and that their parents are far more engaged: “Parents find that it is easier hearing from us as and when things happen,” Says Anne “and that means they’re more likely to read the information we’re sending them or respond if they need to!”

Anne explained another positive to ParentMail is being able to ‘group’ parents by class, club or transport. “If, for example, something was to happen to one of the school buses, we can select that group of parents and let them know what has happened straight away – giving them enough time to arrange different transport should they need to.”

With such a high uptake of parents, both school and parents are really seeing the benefits of ParentMail and communication for the school is at an all-time high. When asked if ParentMail has been a positive addition for the school, Ann said; “ParentMail has saved us a lot of time and has certainly improved the communication at St Marie’s. We’ve had a lot of nice comments from the parents.”

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Posted on May 16, 2014 | Last modified: 3rd October 2016

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