The latest ParentMail system exceeds expectations…

Posted by Jessica Brierley 1 year ago

Having recently moved to our latest platform, PMX, we spoke to Nikki Pell, Administration Officer at Bruton Primary School to see how they were getting on…


“The new ParentMail system looks so impressive, but is also incredibly intuitive and clever  which has made each process very simple. It’s evident that ParentMail has listened to schools and designed a system which allows us to do what we need to do quickly and easily. It’s made everythings we were doing before even simpler, and particularly for me and the office manager, it’s made life so much easier.

We would really recommend any school to move to the latest version of ParentMail as soon as possible.”

Online Payments (+Pay) 

“The design is beautiful, it’s easy to use and the whole platform has clearly been created for a school user. For anything that could be potentially difficult, the guided tours (WalkMe) are fantastic.

In just days we have set up all our uniform items and a trip with instalments – something that had the potential to be confusing but in fact was extremely quick and easy to do.

Parents can make payments on their mobile phone, with card payments or even pay through PayPal, making it so much easier for them to make payments.”

To find our more about +Pay on PMX, click here.


“The auto SIMS link alone would have been enough for us to use ParentMail – it’s been such a valuable tool. If a parent updates their details, we simply update SIMS and the changes are automatically transferred into ParentMail.

It’s not just parent data this has been helpful with. Getting staff to update their mobile numbers was a chore, in fact, many just didn’t do it. This meant that on days where the school was closed, we couldn’t reach those who had changed their details but hadn’t let us know. Now it’s all done with the auto SIMS link and updated in 24 hours, the staff can see the point of keeping it up to date and are really on board and excited by ParentMail.”

Absence Reporting

“We were really keen to use the absence reporting tool and have found we’ve saved hours not having to chase parents to find out why their child is absent. Now that they can report it through their mobile App, they do it first thing in the morning and we no longer have to chase and call round. We can also print a report each day so the administration side of things is done for us. This application has really been a big bonus for us.”


“The training was perfect – nothing was too much trouble, every question was answered and I left the call feeling extremely confident and excited about using ParentMail. That excitement was passed on through staff and it’s fair to say the whole school, including our parents, are really pleased.

Any questions we’ve had since the training have been answered by WalkMe, so we’ve managed to overcome issues really quickly.”


“As soon as parents heard that there was a new version of ParentMail with an App, they were keen for us to get it. Parents are very excited about being able to “do it all” from the mobile App – making payments, reading school messages, reporting absences – all from their smartphone.”

To find out more about the benefits of the App, click here.

“We’ve had fantastic feedback from parents about the App and it’s fair to say they’re as happy with the new system as we are!”

Would you like to know more about PMX or our online payment system for schools or see the system for yourself? If so click here to book a free demonstration or email us at and we’ll be in touch! 

Posted on February 29, 2016 | Last modified: 17th October 2016

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