Celebrating 15 years of ParentMail!

Posted by Paul Hughes 5 months ago

We can’t believe it’s been 15 years since ParentMail was born, and what a journey it’s been!

It seems like only yesterday (although it was actually 2001) that I stood in the playground with fellow founder Martin Temple talking about an important letter that we’d both missed from our children’s school.  We were frustrated with how easily school information never made it home and that was where the idea of ParentMail came from.

Back then, it was just a simple email service which over time, and with advancements in technology, soon evolved into email and text. In the early 2000’s this was such a new concept to schools, but one that took off with such speed that we realised both schools and parents were crying out for tools that would help them improve communications.

Today, we work with over 6000 organisations in the UK, including Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Academies, Nurseries and even Clubs, who all use ParentMail to communicate with over 3 million parents.

Swavesey Village College, one of the first schools to use ParentMail, has now clocked up 13 years and still see it as a vital tool in their communication with parents. Claire Newman, Administrator at the College, told us: “ParentMail has been an integral part of our communication between home and school. There is no doubt it has contributed greatly to the success of Swavesey Village College. Here’s to the next 15 years!”

Over the years ParentMail has developed significantly and now provides schools with a range of applications from online payments, online forms and permissions through to managing parents evening and even organising meetings and events for parents, all of which can be done from a mobile APP branded in the school colours and logo.

Ferrars Junior School have been using ParentMail since 2003, having originally started on ParentMail 1, upgrading to ParentMail 2 and now using PMX, using the full suite of applications to communicate with their parents. Linda Mant, Administrator at the school told us, “We’ve been with ParentMail since the beginning and seen it grow over the years!

We’re now collecting our forms, payments and parents evening appointments online and we’re really happy with how we’re communicating with our parents! Thank you ParentMail.”

We’ve always known that when parents partner with schools, their children do better at school.  Over the years we’ve continually looked at how we can strengthen that key relationship by making life easier for all parties.  Schools save time & money, parents get more information more reliably than ever before, and children do better as a result.  Never before has it been so easy for parents to pick up information from school so quickly and reliably, and parents know what is happening in school long before their children arrive home.

Our desire to make a difference remains as strong today as it did 15 years ago and this morning, like every morning, we look to strengthen the home-school partnership in whatever ways we can.  Our portfolio is ever more diverse and as technology improves, we plan to extend & improve the breadth of services we offer to schools and to parents.

Posted on November 23, 2016 | Last modified: 21st April 2017

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