What’s in a brand?

From the brains of two parents waiting at the school gates, to the offices of thousands of schools and multi-academy trusts across the country – ParentMail has been on a long journey over the past 20 years.  When we first …

5 reasons to try Parents’ Evening Manager

How long does it take your team to plan parents’ evening? If you’re setting aside hours to manage bookings and relying on pupil post for appointments, it’s time to plan now for a stress-free parents’ evening – and we have …

Let’s hear it for the parent volunteers

Another school year is over. As tired-out teachers make the most of some well-deserved down-time, there’s another group of hard-working individuals, dedicated to the successful running of their school, also in need of some rest and relaxation. That’s right, we’re …

Drama-free dinner times

Breakfast is still widely considered to be the most important meal of the day, setting children up for a day of learning and fun. Today, a rising number of health-conscious schools and parents are keen to ensure children receive a …

School’s (almost) out for summer

There are just a few weeks left before schools break up for summer (pause for cheers and applause). As classrooms wind down in anticipation of a well-deserved break, teachers seek out activities to do with classes which feel that little …

Langstone Junior School save over £9000 with ParentMail

The team at Langstone Junior School are self-confessed ParentMail ambassadors, having saved over £9,000 this academic year! Langstone Juniors are a busy school with an even busier office team, with more than 330 students. Thanks to the help of ParentMail’s …

Wraparound care – the saviour for modern-day parents?

Ah, the school run. No matter how early it starts or how well it’s planned, somehow, it ends with a mad rush out the door. After school, the clock is still against us. The average nine-to-five day and long hours …

Parental engagement as a force for good – tackling school exclusions

With the subject of off-rolling raising concerns across the country, Education Secretary, Damien Hinds, recently called on school leaders to reduce exclusions. While protocol states that exclusion should only ever be a last resort, the number of permanent and fixed …

Summer roll-up made easy

As the summer term comes to a close, school staff are busy saying goodbye to their 2019 leavers and preparing for new starters. Summer events, exam season and the usual end-of-year wrap up makes the last few weeks in the …

Parent payments made easy with PayPal

It’s been more than three years since we began our partnership with world-wide payments provider, PayPal. To this day, it remains a match made in heaven! Since launch, we’re proud to have enabled millions of parents to pay for school …

Why back-office EdTech training is as important as teacher training

Until recently, whiteboards were blank canvases written on in dry-wipe marker. Now, they have several thousand times more computing power than the Apollo mission that first put man on the moon. This shift in consumer and education technology has happened …

The future of school payments is NOW

Stop by a cash point today and you’re likely to be confronted with a message informing you, ‘this machine charges for cash withdrawals’. The accompanying price tag can range from a minimum of 95p to an eye-watering £5; today’s high …

Meet the brains behind our school App

In today’s tech-savvy world, many of us rarely go a day without relying on handy Apps to chat with friends and family, post on social media, check our bank balance or transfer money, book a taxi and carry out all …

How important is parents’ evening?

A new study published in the European Economic Review (volume 111) has revealed the real impact of parent-teacher meetings. Asad Islam reported on a randomised experiment in rural Bangladeshi schools, communities which usually see little engagement between parents and educators. …

Saving your teachers from endless email onslaught and white bears

Parents are invested in their children’s education, and they’re going to ask teachers questions. That’s something that can’t and shouldn’t be avoided. However, when teachers are flooded by emails and messages from enthusiastic parents, this can lead to unhealthy out-of-work …

Picture this! Our EdTech school-leader infographic

We recently conducted a survey to investigate current trends, attitudes and behaviours in school communications technology and parental engagement. Over 450 school leaders from primary, secondary schools and academies across the country took part to share their thoughts and feedback …

Five reasons to go cashless

If your school is seeking a faster, more reliable method of collecting payments, a commitment to cashless is the solution for you. Still unsure? Here are the top five reasons why thousands of UK schools are choosing online platforms for …

Technology beyond the classroom: ParentMail and the DfE EdTech strategy

Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, took to the stage at the London Schools and Academies Show earlier this month to reveal details of a new strategy for education technology. The Department’s continued focus on the vital role of technology in schools …

School leaders talk school communications! Part 2

We recently posted part one of our findings from our survey, which investigated current trends, attitudes and behaviours in school communications technology and parental engagement. Below we continue to share our findings with you so that you can see how …

Communications at the click of a button

In this day and age, a reliable, compatible mobile App is fast becoming a ‘need to have’ rather than just a ‘nice to have’ for primary and secondary schools! With technology reducing our reliance on paper and pupil post, thousands of …

A journey to school trip success

So, you’re planning the next school trip. Teachers have confirmed the destination and now it’s up to your capable and highly organised office team to manage all the details, from staff to students to parents. When done right, school trips …

What role does technology play in the school office? Part 1

We recently conducted a survey to investigate current trends, attitudes and behaviours in school communications technology and parental engagement. We received a great response, with over 450 schools taking part and telling us about their school communications. As leaders in …

Are we becoming tired of the text?

It’s strange to think that, only 10 years ago, we still relied on the occasional paper newsletter to communicate with parents. Today, there are numerous methods of sharing important news and information with mums and dads; for schools, new technology …

Staff retention and school reputation

When parents and schools have a strong relationship, teachers experience the positive effects in the classroom and are empowered to support their students.

You’ve got homework: Communicating with parents

A hot topic amongst parents and teachers is homework. It can often be a divisive issue, especially if there is a lot coming home but little communication about it sent to parents. Across social media, many parents often complain about the …

Parents’ Evening directors, we salute you

Snowed under with the daily tasks of keeping a busy school running, you know better than we do how hard it can be squeezing in plans for Parents’ Evening. But where some teams are chasing down appointment slips, printing out …

Ed-technically superior software

Education Secretary, Damien Hinds, has challenged school leaders to take advantage of modern technology in and outside of the classroom to reduce teacher’s responsibilities. Acknowledging workload as a common reason for teachers leaving the profession, Mr Hinds stated that innovative …

App-solutely brilliant – our mobile app has been updated!

The free ParentMail mobile App is used by over 2.5 million parents to stay in touch with schools every day, from the comfort of home, at work or while out and about! Over the years, it’s been through some major …

Easy, dependable dinner payments with +Pay

A number of schools have recently hit the headlines as outraged parents complain their children have gone without a hot meal due to a lack of credit on their cashless dinner accounts. In Wales, school councils have argued in defence, …

Breaking down parental engagement barriers with EdTech

For many families, the prospect of crossing the school threshold is a terrifying one. Though many schools may spend a lot of time and energy on events or activities for parents, the reality is that every school has those “hard …

St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School enjoy paperless Parents’ Evening

When it comes to planning Parents’ Evening, staff at St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School were used to all the usual stresses and strains; piles of paper cluttering the school office, lost or missing appointment slips, chasing up parent …

Introducing our new and improved School Help Site

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new School Help Site, now live and ready to answer any questions you may have about using ParentMail! The new site includes lots of improvements which make finding guidance and instructions easier …

A look back at the year just gone…

As we welcome in the New Year, we’re taking the opportunity to look back over the year just gone, our biggest and best year yet! 2018 saw us welcome hundreds of new primary, secondary schools, nurseries and Academies to the …

Less paper, less waste, less expense

Tighter budgets see a call for efficiency and an ‘all hands-on-deck’ approach to searching out cost-cutting opportunities. In the hunt for financial savings, however, it’s important to remember that, often, it’s the small changes that deliver big results. It is …

WhatsApp – Pros, cons and managing it for your school

In this video, Sue Atkins – parenting expert and ex-Headteacher – gives her views on how parental engagement software can keep communication between school and parent clear, whilst keeping all data safe.

The benefits of breakfast clubs – ParentMail’s top picks!

Last month, Children and Families Minister, Nadhim Zahawi announced that thousands more children across the country were receiving a healthy and nutritious breakfast at school breakfast clubs. In part, this is thanks to a government-funded programme worth nearly £26 million. …

The challenges of organising Parents’ Evening

School is now in full swing, and so the next big milestone is Parents’ Evening and organising it successfully is no mean feat!

Top tips for parental engagement success!

It’s the start of a new school year, meaning there’s a lot of information to send out and share with parents. How you decide you will be communicating with the pupil’s families is a matter of preference. Traditionally, letters were …

Parental engagement – a strategy for success

We talk about the importance of parental engagement a lot. The term has become a ‘buzzword’ in our offices and in schools across the country. When ParentMail first came into being over 15 years ago, parental engagement was the priority, …

What’s up with WhatsApp?

Last month a Mumsnet thread hit the headlines when a post referring to the different types of mum found in ‘every’ school WhatsApp group struck a chord with parents across the country. Ranging from ‘the wind-up merchant’ to ‘the informer’ …

The EdTech revolution happening outside of the classroom

Last month Education Secretary, Damien Hinds, challenged the tech industry to launch an edtech revolution for schools, colleges and universities across the UK. EdTech has an increasingly valuable place in the classroom; 3D technology is quite literally bringing lessons to life …

Introducing our innovated Android App

Experience tells us that when parents are happy with their ParentMail experience, schools receive a great response to their communications. So over the past few months, we have been working hard to improve our Android App!

Instant messaging is fast replacing the humble text message

New technology is hot on the heels of the humble text with the growing market of instant messaging services; our Messaging App gives schools the best combination of flexibility and functionality.

Sell more with your own Online School Shop

Support student learning and strengthen your school brand with an Online School Shop!

GDPR – Are you ready?

Whether your school is a primary or secondary school, nursery, academy or part of a multi-academy trust, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply to you from 25 May 2018.

Helping you to increase parent uptake with ParentMail

The more parents registered with ParentMail, the more your school will benefit from reduced admin time, print costs and more. It can seem like quite a daunting task to get all of your parents registered but we are here to help make the process easier.

Introducing Rob Brown, Operations Manager at ParentMail

Introducing ParentMail’s Operations Manager, Rob Brown – a name we’re sure many of you are familiar with! We sat down with Rob to chat about his role as Operations Manager…

Do your school communications reflect the changing habits of parents?

Parent habits are changing.  No longer are parents digging through school bags to discover out of date, crumpled newsletters; receiving a poor response to your school communications is a thing of the past, too! Times are changing and ParentMail are leading the way with innovative services to improve parental engagement.

Help is at hand in under 60 seconds with our Live Chat support service

The days of waiting on the phone for a customer service advisor to take your call are long gone at ParentMail. Help is at hand almost instantly with our fantastic and friendly Live Chat service!

More schools are choosing to go cashless with an Online Payments system

With thousands of nurseries, primary and secondary schools now using our cashless Online Payment System to receive and process payments, experience tells us that parents are only too happy to make payments online!

Internet safety – top tips for young people

Although a brilliant resource for education, creativity and communications, it is increasingly important that we teach young people how to use the internet safely and responsibly.

Parents’ Evening Manager saves time for schools and parents

With Parents’ Evening just around the corner, now is the time to introduce Parents’ Evening Manager!

The future is now!

We are all connected – and communications have never been stronger. The question is, how does your school utilise these new technologies to strengthen school/parent engagement?

Kesgrave High School save time and money

Kesgrave and ParentMail partner to deliver first-class parental engagement!

With over 1800 students and 99% of parents registered on ParentMail, Kesgrave High School collect on average £15,000 online each week, have sent over 700,000 emails home and had a 97% response rate to their first online form! All in …

Activate Learning save thousands of pounds monthly with ParentMail

With over 5,000 students across all campuses, communicating home was not only a time consuming task but also incredibly expensive!

Communication systems: counter-productive to parental engagement?

Is this approach counter-productive to improving parental engagement?

Popular payment provider PayPal – the choice for busy parents!

Over the last few years, the way we pay for things has changed dramatically, from cash and cheques, to debit and credit card and most recently to cashless, mobile and contactless payments.

Engaged parents help boost exam results

Many forward-thinking schools who see the benefits of a mobile-first solution, are now reaching parents through free in-App notifications…

Instant responses to your support needs

In today’s busy world, people want instant responses and one thing they don’t want is to be hanging on a phone waiting for the next support person to become available or for a response to an email.

Parent payments made easy with PayPal and ParentMail

We are excited to announce that we are joining forces with PayPal, the faster, safer way to pay online, on mobile phones and in-store.

Completely paperless parental engagement

From paper communications to email and text and now to smartphone Apps, gone are the days of mislaid letters and forms which never make it home.

More great feedback from parents on the ParentMail App!

We’ve been looking at some of the great feedback we’ve been receiving from parents to find out how the App helps them.

Astor College saves over £5,000 a year with ParentMail

Astor College were keen to find a way to communicate to parents which would save money – and ParentMail was the answer.

The most reliable, cost effective, inclusive online payments system

With over 90% of parents saying they would prefer to pay for school items online, schools are adapting to the changing needs of parents to make paying for items less of a chore.

Fantastic feedback for the ParentMail App!

With over 400,000 parents now receiving messages from their school through the App, parents are reading and responding to school messages, forms and invitations quicker than ever before.

The death of email

According to email provider Sendmail, 90% of messages in our email inbox are spam, discouraging many of us from reading our emails!

ParentMail strengthens the link with SIMS

When it comes to communication systems many schools believe that integration with SIMS (or other MIS) is the most important feature…

Choosing secondary schools made easier for parents

Schools Minister Nick Gibb has announced that parents choosing a secondary school for their child will have access to early exam results to help them decide.

Schools improve parent responses to forms and surveys

Parents can complete school forms, give consent and complete surveys all from their mobile phone, tablet or computer…

“We’ve always done it that way”

35% of schools told us that they still spend on average £100 a week on postage – that’s £3800 a year!

eco communications

Become a greener school with ParentMail

Many schools regularly raise awareness of global environmental issues and try to promote living “greener lives” to their students.

Why do parents want Parents Evening Manager?

It’s not just schools who find organising parents’ evenings a nightmare!

Make things easier for parents, so responses improve

We make it easy for parents to read and respond to school requests, and this makes it the most effective parental engagement service!

The changing habits of parents

Today, parents can pick up emails, complete schools forms, book parents’ evening and top up dinner money while at work, at home, or on the go, all from their mobile phone.

How can your school make Parents’ Evening easier?

In a recent survey, over 90% of parents told us that they would use an automated online service to book parents’ evenings.

Top 10: Reasons why schools and parents want +Pay!

We’ve put together the top 10 reasons why schools, parents and children benefit from an online payments service like +Pay.

Top Tips: Parents using ParentMail

Many of our schools have over 95% of parents registered and regularly using ParentMail; we’ve spoken to some to find out their top tips for making ParentMail a success!

Coping with free schools meals from September

From September, big changes will be made to school food, with the Department of Education transforming who gets free meals and what children eat.

Top tips for clubs!

We’ve come up with some top tips to help clubs cut back on admin time and communicate easily with parents.

Improve sports club uptake in your school with ParentMail

We know that many schools offer a wide range of sports clubs, but are your parents aware of them?