Streamlined payments and fantastic training leads to hours saved at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School have used ParentMail for several years and rely on it as an all-in-one communication tool. Recently, they also added +Pay, our integrated payments solution and have saved hours each week as a result!  They initially …

Langstone Junior School save over £9000 with ParentMail

The team at Langstone Junior School are self-confessed ParentMail ambassadors, having saved over £9,000 this academic year! Langstone Juniors are a busy school with an even busier office team, with more than 330 students. Thanks to the help of ParentMail’s …

Toddle In Private Day Nursery save time and money with ParentMail

The team at Toddle In Private Day Nursery have enjoyed a huge improvement in their parental engagement with the help of ParentMail. With over 100 children in their care and as many busy parents, Toddle In’s communications were floundering. “Before …

ParentMail “all day, every day!” for St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School

St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School are proving the benefits of fantastic parental engagement with the help of ParentMail’s full suite of applications! “We use it all day, every day.” Says PA to Headteacher, Elaine Warren. “We decided as a …

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School lead the way with +Pay!

The eight-school Multi Academy Company set out on a mission to go cashless to reduce school debt and support parents with easy online payments!

St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School enjoy paperless Parents’ Evening

When it comes to planning Parents’ Evening, staff at St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School were used to all the usual stresses and strains; piles of paper cluttering the school office, lost or missing appointment slips, chasing up parent …

Meet Abbey Catholic Primary School’s ‘ParentMail King’!

Staff at Abbey Catholic Primary School have been on a campaign to register parents to ParentMail and their efforts have received a fantastic response, with 99% of parents using ParentMail to stay up to date on school communications and payments, every day!

Casterton College switch to +Pay and are thrilled with the results!

“We needed a more robust, reliable system; looking into alternatives, ParentMail stood out for its suite of applications.”

ParentMail ensures 100% parental engagement at Wistow CE Primary School

Emails and Texts, Parents’ Evening Manager and Online Form Collection ensure 100% parental engagement at Wistow CE Primary School! Wistow Primary School have introduced three of ParentMail’s services into their school over the past two years, initially launching Emails and …

Parents’ Evening Manager saves time for schools and parents

With Parents’ Evening just around the corner, now is the time to introduce Parents’ Evening Manager!

Kesgrave High School save time and money

Kesgrave and ParentMail partner to deliver first-class parental engagement!

With over 1800 students and 99% of parents registered on ParentMail, Kesgrave High School collect on average £15,000 online each week, have sent over 700,000 emails home and had a 97% response rate to their first online form! All in …

Activate Learning save thousands of pounds monthly with ParentMail

With over 5,000 students across all campuses, communicating home was not only a time consuming task but also incredibly expensive!

School Dinner Money

Dinner money top up revolutionised at Leicester Grammar School Trust!

“Even if parents forget to top up, they can now do it instantly on the mobile App and it’s ready for lunchtime!”

George Stephenson High School gets creative!

Now communicating with their parents regularly and collecting online payments with ease!

Switch to ParentMail and reap the benefits, says John Hanson School!

“I would, and regularly do, recommend ParentMail to any school I speak with!”

Paperless parents’ evening booked in less than 24 hours for Whiteabbey

174 parents booked their parents’ evening appointments within the first hour!

Payments made in minutes and forms completed instantly!

“It’s a really nice touch that we’re sending our information home to parents through our very own app!”

Carlton le Willows Academy takes control of their online payments

Carlton le Willows Academy have switched to +Pay and now have 80% of parents and over 100 staff paying online, making quick, easy, payments for dinner money, trips, clubs and more through a free mobile App!

Sunbeams Day Nursery

Centralised communications for Sunbeams Day Nurseries

“The improvement in our engagement with parents has been phenomenal.”

ParentMail a success for busy working parents at Sandford Hill Primary

“We’re really pleased with ParentMail and would recommend it to any school who wants to make improvements!”

100% response rate to forms from parents within 48 hours

“Now we’re reaching parents on their smartphones and they’re more engaged than ever before.”

Parental Engagement the focus for Thames View Infants

“We recognise how much technology is helping and we wanted to use the best system on the market to help us .”

Framlingham Primary School surveys parents about ParentMail!

What did parents think of receiving communications online? The results were very interesting!

Parent payments made easy with PayPal and ParentMail

We are excited to announce that we are joining forces with PayPal, the faster, safer way to pay online, on mobile phones and in-store.

Parents’ Evening Manager the solution for St Anne’s

After two years struggling, St Anne’s CE Primary decided to try Parents Evening Manager – and it’s been a revelation!

ParentMail the “one stop shop” for school communications

Looking for a system which would allow them to collect payments as well as communicate with parents – ParentMail was the obvious choice.

Improving parental engagement with online Forms

Ings Farm Primary School always found it difficult to get parents to complete and return forms with often only small numbers of parents responding.

More great feedback from parents on the ParentMail App!

We’ve been looking at some of the great feedback we’ve been receiving from parents to find out how the App helps them.

Astor College saves over £5,000 a year with ParentMail

Astor College were keen to find a way to communicate to parents which would save money – and ParentMail was the answer.

Robert Drake impressed with ParentMail’s training and support

Robert Drake Primary School has started using ParentMail’s latest platform, PMX, and can’t believe how easy it is to use!

The latest ParentMail system exceeds expectations…

“Parents are very excited about being able to “do it all” from the mobile App”

Parents “over the moon” with the ParentMail App!

With over 90% of parents using ParentMail, Stoke Mandeville Combined School are extremely pleased with how easy it now is to communicate with their parents.

Parents’ Evening Manager a “winner” for Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School

Within a week, 95% of parents booked appointments without paper, queues in the office or teachers spending time on administration!

Fantastic feedback for the ParentMail App!

With over 400,000 parents now receiving messages from their school through the App, parents are reading and responding to school messages, forms and invitations quicker than ever before.

Auto SIMS link a time saving success for St Anne’s RC Primary School

St Anne’s RC Primary School has recently installed the auto SIMS link, so that data automatically updates from SIMS into ParentMail each night.

Parents’ Evening “booked in less than 5 minutes”

With Parents Evening Manager, in less than a week Wadhurst Primary School has had two thirds of parents book their appointments online!

Improving Parent Teacher Communications at Edgebury Primary

Within 2 weeks, the school had over 80% of parents accessing ParentMail every day, many of which do so through the free ParentMail App.

“Super slick” Parents’ Evening Manager saves school hours

Malcolm Sargent Primary School have been very impressed with just how easy it’s been to set up parents’ evening, thanks to ‘Parents Evening Manager’.

ParentMail impresses St Nicholas Catholic Primary School

St Nicholas Catholic Primary School in Devon has been extremely impressed with how well communication in school has improved.

Copthill - Parental Engagement

For Copthill’s busy parents, ParentMail is the obvious choice

With 100% of parents using ParentMail, Copthill are extremely proud of the way they communicate to parents.

Quainton CE Primary prepares for free school meals with online forms

Quainton Primary School have found the perfect solution with ParentMail’s online Dinner Booking form.

Beckington CE First School recommend +Pay to all!

Beckington First School are so pleased with the +Pay service that they would recommend it to any school!

Deepdene School maximise time and money savings

Described as a traditional school by those who know it, Deepdene School has ‘modernised’ with the addition of ParentMail and with huge success as 100% of parents use it.

Halterworth Primary finds success with online Forms App – 80% response!

Over 60% of parents responded to the first online questionnaire sent out by Halterworth Primary School…

ParentMail scores with Felpham Football Club!

“I think we will get a really good response from the parents as lots of them are already familiar with ParentMail through their children’s schools.”

Caldecote Primary reduces dinner money debt thanks to +Pay

With 95% of parents paying via +Pay either online or from their mobile, they have reduced their dinner money debt substantially.

“Staggering” response to school forms at St Paulinus RC Primary School

St Paulinus were staggered when 85% replied to an online form they sent using ParentMail’s Forms Application.

ParentMail – a huge success at St Marie’s RC Primary School!

We spoke with St Marie’s school secretary to discover how they have got an impressive 98% parent uptake on ParentMail.

Swavesey College Improves Ofsted Results

Swavesey Village College improved communications using ParentMail and was given an all-round ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted report in Spring 2011.