Instant messaging is fast replacing the humble text message

New technology is hot on the heels of the humble text with the growing market of instant messaging services; our Messaging App gives schools the best combination of flexibility and functionality.

Sell more with your own Online School Shop

Support student learning and strengthen your school brand with an Online School Shop!

Do your school communications reflect the changing habits of parents?

Parent habits are changing.  No longer are parents digging through school bags to discover out of date, crumpled newsletters; receiving a poor response to your school communications is a thing of the past, too! Times are changing and ParentMail are leading the way with innovative services to improve parental engagement.

Parents’ Evening Manager saves time for schools and parents

With Parents’ Evening just around the corner, now is the time to introduce Parents’ Evening Manager!

The future is now!

We are all connected – and communications have never been stronger. The question is, how does your school utilise these new technologies to strengthen school/parent engagement?

What does paying on a mobile App mean to parents?

“The app is so easy to use and the payments part is great – it only takes a couple of minutes to top up my daughters dinner money account.”

School texting service

The death of text messages

With smartphones now dominating the mobile world, many schools are turning their back on texting!

Parents love the ParentMail App!

We took to social media and asked parents to let us know what they thought of ParentMail’s mobile App…

Celebrating 750,000 downloads of the ParentMail App!

More schools are saving money and more parents are getting instant information than ever before!

Parental Engagement the focus for Thames View Infants

“We recognise how much technology is helping and we wanted to use the best system on the market to help us .”

Top Tips: How to engage your parents

Research has shown that when parents get involved with what their children are doing in school, academic results improve as well as student attendance…

Behind the scenes at ParentMail: App Developers – Part 2

As we celebrate over half a million downloads of the ParentMail App, we met with our App developers to find out why it’s been so successful! (Part 2!)

Behind the scenes at ParentMail: App developers (Part 1)

As we celebrate over half a million downloads of the ParentMail App, we met with our App developers to find out why they think it’s been so successful!

Celebrating 500,000 downloads of the ParentMail App!

Half a million parents use the ParentMail App to pick up important school messages, pay for school items, book parents’ evening appointments and more!

Mobile Apps: The secret ingredient for improving student outcomes?

With advancements in technology moving at such a rapid rate, parents no longer expect to receive important information through email or text messages.

More great feedback from parents on the ParentMail App!

We’ve been looking at some of the great feedback we’ve been receiving from parents to find out how the App helps them.

Parents “over the moon” with the ParentMail App!

With over 90% of parents using ParentMail, Stoke Mandeville Combined School are extremely pleased with how easy it now is to communicate with their parents.

The ParentMail App has been updated!

For schools using online payments, parents can now pay for items such as school trips, uniform, tickets for events and more on the go!.

Fantastic feedback for the ParentMail App!

With over 400,000 parents now receiving messages from their school through the App, parents are reading and responding to school messages, forms and invitations quicker than ever before.

Our School Mobile App in the Top 20 in the App store!

We’re very proud to announce that The ParentMail App is now in the Top 20 App downloads in the Apple Store!

Parents – are you using the ParentMail App yet?

Every parent knows it’s difficult keeping track of all their children’s activities. Schools, clubs, sports events…there’s always something to read, plan for or reply to.

Make things easier for parents, so responses improve

We make it easy for parents to read and respond to school requests, and this makes it the most effective parental engagement service!

The changing habits of parents

Today, parents can pick up emails, complete schools forms, book parents’ evening and top up dinner money while at work, at home, or on the go, all from their mobile phone.

Why do parents want school communications on their mobile?

As we get ready to release our new iOS and android apps, we’ve been looking at why parents want to receive school communications on their mobile.

Accessing ParentMail on mobile becomes more popular!

60% of our customers, that’s both schools and parents, access ParentMail through their tablet or phone.