Behind the scenes at ParentMail: App Developers – Part 2

Posted by Jessica Brierley 10 months ago

We met with our App developers last week to find out more about them and the success behind the ParentMail App. If you missed it, you can read it here!

Last time we spoke about the success of the App in comparison to old school methods of paper letters, and more recently, text and email. With smartphones now responsible for a third of internet access, why is it that parents prefer a school mobile app over logging in on a desktop computer?

Christian: It’s quicker, easier and they can access it wherever they are in the world – not just when they’re in a static place. The App really is like a computer in their hands, so they can do it all as soon as they need to, allowing them to be far more efficient – make a payment in a few taps, read a message the moment it is sent, give permission to a form in seconds, it’s just so easy.

Graeme: The majority of parents now have a smartphone and probably spend a lot of their time using it. Being able to tie in their school needs surely makes it an obvious preference. Desktops are in decline because of their limitations; we live in an age where you can go from place to place with a mobile device in your hand. Why would you log into a computer when you could use your smartphone on the go?

“The App really is like a computer in their hands, so parents can do it all as soon as they need to.”

Makes sense! So, what are your future plans for the App?

Graeme: We’re still in the process of refining and improving many features of the App and each of the applications, and this will be ongoing! I’m looking forward to working on the Parents’ Evening Manager and Meetings and Events applications in particular to make this even simpler for parents. We’ve also just launched the “Our Own School App “ option for schools which allows them to have their own branding, logo and colours on the App, which I think is going to be a really popular choice for many schools across the UK.

Christian: I agree, I think “Our Own School App” will be very popular for schools and I have no doubt we’ll see even more downloads as a result. We’ve significantly improved the App over the last year and in the future I’m looking forward to introducing shortcuts and more native features to further simplify things for parents. We’ll be streamlining the App functionality and improving the user experience over the next year to create an even better App!

Can’t wait! So what are you most proud of in regards to the App?

“Schools are saving money by encouraging parents to use the App, over half a million parents have downloaded it and not only that but they’re using it daily.”

Christian: For me, I think the Payments section is the most impressive part of the App. It looks great, it’s so easy for parents to follow and it’s the easiest way for them to make payments for school items or dinners. I’m really proud of the App as a whole though, as I say, we’ve made a lot of refinements in the last year and though there’s still lots we want to do, it really is a great App!

Graeme: I agree, I think the numbers speak for themselves. Schools are saving money by encouraging parents to use the App, over half a million parents have downloaded it and not only that but they’re using it daily. That number grows day by day and we continue to make improvements. I think ‘Our Own School App’ is going to be a great product for those schools who have a strong identity and I’m proud to be a part of that. As Christian says, it’s a great App and it will continue to improve.


The App is free for parents to download at schools using ParentMail, simply search “ParentMail” in the App store to begin using it. *Please note, parents must be registered with a PMX account before they can use the App. *

ParentMail are working with school leaders every day to improve parental engagement, reduce costs and improve the way schools communicate with parents.  To arrange a demonstration of our software or discover how a personalised mobile app is perfect for your school, contact us today on 01733 595959 or email for more information!


Posted on July 8, 2016 | Last modified: 21st April 2017

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