1. Creating a dinner menu register

See how to create a dinner register, select payment options, set reminders, meal prices, add students and set the dates for the menu to become available for parents to select and pre-order meals.

2. Creating dinner menu templates

See how to create menu templates, set up meal options and prices which will later be added to your register.

3. Creating club templates

Learn how to set up sessions, including start and end times for each session, and availability for each session of breakfast or after-school clubs.

4. Scheduling and publishing your registers

Once you have created your register, you will need to schedule it for the appropriate day/week and then publish it to make it live, allowing you to plan weeks or months in advance. This video shows you how.

5. Parent view: Using the Register

This video demonstrates how parents will see and use the register.

6. Manually using the register on behalf of a parent

This video demonstrates how to complete a register manually on behalf of a parent.

7. Reporting on advance bookings

There are a number of reports available which will give you advance bookings information. This video displays the list of reports and how to generate them.